Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shut up already!!

We went to the Twins game last night. They lost (big surprise) but we still had a good time. The food is so good there! I had a cheeseburger and Jason had a steak sandwich.
There was one unfortunate annoyance throughout the entire game. We had some great seats with a pretty good view but immediately after sitting down we noticed the guy behind us talking at a VERY loud volume. He was talking to what I assumed was his girlfriend because he was just blabbing non stop about baseball stats and facts about the game...and she was just eating it up. Totally kissing his ass. He was explaining how a batting average was calculated in excruciating detail and she would just respond with "oh, wow...oh so I it's...(and repeat back everything he had just said)" and he would respond with this cocky ''yeah, yeah...(and then spout off some more facts)".
At first, I thought I was just PMSing or something and getting annoyed by something stupid...because that certainly has been known to happen. But after at least an inning of it, I turned to Jason just to see if he had any reaction to the latest comment he had made which was something along the lines of, ''most people here probably don't know about this play, especially young people like me, but it was a good play...everyone booing, they are just idiots". At that moment Jason and I locked eyes and e.s.p'd to each other the pure feeling of annoyance we were clearly sharing. Jason followed that up with a simple, ''really??". That's all that needed to be said.
This loud volumed talking lasted throughout the entire game. If I had some balls I would have turned to him and said, ''we get it, you are a baseball don't need to prove it to everyone within a 1 mile radius, so kindly shut the f*ck up". I think the best part was when I turned around to pretend to look at something (but really just wanted to see what this fool looked like) he was wearing a wedding ring and so was what I thought was his girlfriend. I'm not sure if this should have shocked me as much as it did but the way she was fawning over everything he said without questioning anything made me feel like they were newly dating and she was just trying to stroke his ego. And when I whispered to Jason, ''they are married!" he confirmed my shock was justified...she was basically kissing his ass all night long whether they were talking about baseball or laundry which they also discussed in great detail.
And don't get me wrong, just because you're married doesn't mean I don't think you can talk to each other like that...Jason and I respect each other and have good conversations all the time. Encouraging each other is very important, I get it. I just think the girl needs to have equal strength and contribute something other than just submissive compliments over a 3+ hour conversation. (Ok, maybe I am PMSing and being judgmental...oh well, good thing this is my blog!)
Honestly, after a few innings it was kind of just funny (although I still kind of wanted to turn around and clock him in the face at random points) and we still enjoyed ourselves. I am not normally such a violent thinker, but trust would have felt the exact same way.
unfortunately our friends behind us were gone at the moment of this picture...

The other entertaining bit of the evening was the ''fun fact'' board they put up as different players came up to bat. There was one particular question they had to answer. 'Who was your role model growing up?' Jason and I discussed how whenever we got asked that in school growing up we always put our parents as our role models. Who else are we supposed to write? Doesn't it make us assholes if we don't say our parents are our role models? Well the funny part came when literally every single player came up with the same answer:

And every player said that exact same thing. I don't know if that is entertaining to anyone but us, but it made us giggle. My other favorite fact was when Danny Valencia was asked what he collected growing up and he said ''pogs''. Oh pogs. And slammers (the metal ones were best). And pog making machines (yes I had one). I had totally forgotten about pogs. Good times.
Good memories were made last night...I now know a lot more about baseball stats and rules than I ever wanted to. I don't know what's worse, knowing these things or knowing that over 50 % of those facts were likely made up just to impress his wife. Nevertheless, it was great fun : )
Well, I am off to take some pictures of my brother-in-law, his girlfriend, and our nephew Brayden : ) (as well as the baby in her belly due any day now!) Stay tuned for pictures. 
Mat Kearney song #3 to share. 'She Got the Honey'...makes me smile and wanna dance. Have a great day!

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