Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tillie's 2nd Birthday Party: Event Photo Shoot : )

On Sunday I got to attend an awesome 2nd birthday party for an adorable little lady named Tillie.

This was the first official time I have photographed an event and I have to say it's one of my new favorite things! I love candids and I love to capture details of a special day...and this party was perfect for that. Tillie's mom and dad did an amazing job of making this a unique and special party. Her dad even dressed up as DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba...what a good sport.

The party itself was at Yo Yo Donuts & Coffee Bar in Minnetonka. This was an awesome place with deeeeeelicious  donuts! They are known for their maple donut with bacon on top. Cool, huh?! This place holds special meaning to Tillie and her family because they go there as a family almost every weekend. It was a great venue for a party. The kids got to ''make donuts'' that were baked for Tillie's birthday cake and even got to take a tour of the kitchen! I would highly recommend you check it out if you're in the mood for a freshly made donut or coffee : )

I got tons of fun shots thanks to all the details Tillie's mom and dad thought up to make it is a sample of the many pictures I got that day.

Tillie and her mom

the grandparents were great sports too!

Tillie's aunt and cousin

friends Lily and Elle : )

more good sport grandparents!

one of the MANY delish donuts!


how cute?!

digging in

another friend : )

cocopuff donut?!

grandparents shot

making a donut!

why are you taking it!?

get ready to bake the kids' creations

tour of the kitchen!


now that's a good ''birthday cake"!

present time!!

what's next?!

precious little girls playing with the cake set

boys checking out the action
love the shoes!

love the shoes!
saying bye to baby Darby

Saved the best for last : ) pretty much sums up the day!
It was a definite success! : ) Thanks for asking me to do these pictures Natalie!