Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scott & Sumaiyah's Engagement Photos

Scott was one of my former nursing students when I taught clinical last year. When he contacted me and asked me to do engagement and wedding pictures for him and his fiance Sumaiyah I was super excited. Scott is such a nice guy and his wife to be is really awesome : ) They are a great pair.

For their engagement session, we went to Lake Harriet. The area holds special meaning to the couple so that made it even better.

I will be shooting their wedding at the Conservatory in December and I can't wait!

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Fun

If you haven't had enough photography blog postings in the last 24 hours....I have a few more in the wings. But in the meantime I will give a few updates on our life : )

As I feel is usually the case, we are busy! Me with work and especially photography as you can see by my many blog/facebook posts (yay! happy about this..a BIG thank you to all my clients!) and Jason with a big case which has him working a lot of late nights. Needless to say we savor our time together. We aren't purposefully trying to shut out or friends, we are just enjoying the few hours we have together once or twice a week right now. We promise to get back into the real world after both our busyness ends in November.

I am cramming a bunch of 12 hour shifts into this week because on Saturday I leave for Portland! Just as Jason's crazy pre-trial work begins (or gets more intense I should say) where he will be gone a ton, I will be heading out to visit Lyida (college roomie) in the great state of Oregon. Really impeccable timing. I can't wait for some girl talk, some relaxation, and  I am sure some shenanigans of some sort. Hopefully I can work on my nature photography craft as well...I don't really take enough time to do that here.

What else have we been up to? Well, trying to cook some good healthy meals at home which is hit or miss depending on the motivation level. I do have some recipes to blog about but still have to get those photos uploaded (oops!). They are worth the wait though. Also, I have been searching for winter vacation destinations and am currently trying to con Jason into booking a trip. Cross your fingers for me...I'll keep you updated ; )

This last weekend we had to put our boat up for the season. We had one last nice day on her and then had to accept our busy lives and realize there was no way in hell we were going to get out there anymore this year. She will be right there waiting for us in the spring. It has been an interesting boating summer. After wanting to sell it and hating the boat for a while we came to love it. We kind of let the craigslist ad get lost in the shuffle and decided to keep her for good. Boating is something we both really enjoyed. It was like getting away to a cabin...a very small cabin...but a fun one! We just had to get through the growing pains and the new boater's mistakes to come out happy and content in the end. It's a lifestyle we both enjoy which is very lucky.

When we first damaged the prop by hitting a huge rock this summer (which was one of our many issues in the start of the summer...but probably the most stressful)...we learned just how expensive a propeller on our type of boat can really be...freaking expensive. So whenever we would come near that particular area of the lake where we hit the rock...we would take the WAY long way around so we could avoid the area...for the entire summer. As the summer progressed, the anxiety of things going wrong and hitting things wore off  and we became more confident with our surroundings and felt better about navigating the bays and channels. But even then we avoided that area. The moment of truth came when we took a long night cruise from our dock to the island where we sleep. The moon wasn't very bright that night so we had to rely on our little light on the boat and our memory to get us where we needed to go. As we neared the area of the dreaded rock...I expected Jason to go around the long way as usual. To my surprise he said, ''let's do this''. It was the true test. Could he make it...and in the dark no less?! He did and it was glorious! It was kind of a full circle feeling. Brought things to a nice close for the season.

Anyways...we look forward to boating next year and for many years to come. It's in our lives to stay!

The day we put the boat up for the winter I took a few pictures. The fall colors were just starting to change so I got a few good shots. It was a gorgeous the 80's! Awesome awesome way to end things : )

my cute hubby

so nautical looking ; )
Well I better get to bed..I have to work day shift's been awhile I hope I can keep up!

Popp Family Photos

I met up with the Popp family this last weekend at Long Lake Regional Park. It was an awesome location for photos. The weather was perfect and the leaves were looking good! : )

I had a fun time with this family...I hope you enjoy the pictures!!