Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Portland~ Finally!

I was organizing my thoughts on what I wanted to blog about tonight. I had a few recipes to share, songs to share, photos to update, our anniversary trip to talk about... and then it dawned on me... I have YET to go through my pictures from my trip to Portland. It was such a great trip but unfortunately those pictures had taken a backseat to everything else I had going on. There was no reason to wait any longer. I am so glad I went through them because it brought me right back to that fabulous trip.

Lydia and I were college roommates for a few years and while we were still friends... we hadn't been keeping up with each other as well as we should have. This trip just reconfirmed how important it is for me to maintain my friendship with her. She's lovely, hilarious, and such a great friend. We had some awesome talks, a LOT of champagne, and so much more.

We not only explored downtown but we rented a beach house for 2 nights near Cannon Beach and explored that area as well. It was so fun. Our rental house had a hot tub which we spent many drunken hours in just reminiscing and talking about life. It is only appropriate that I am listening to the latest Mumford and Sons album while I write this post because we listened to it a lot that week : ) (Insert song 'Lover of the Light' as you look at the pictures ; ) )

It is a trip I will never forget.

I am going to attach some of my favorite pictures...I hope you enjoy them. I am definitely not a seasoned landscape photographer and it was outside of my comfort zone...but it was fun to play around with my camera in a different way.

These first pictures are from the Japanese Gardens in downtown Portland...it was quite the beautiful place. 

The rose gardens:

Arch Cape near our beach house:

our champagne and sorbet mimosas
the beach house...so awesome

baby Mikka
Cannon Beach:

What a fabulous trip. Thank you so much for your hospitality Lydia...can't wait til my next visit! : )