Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Single Gal Behavior

You know you think I'd get it after awhile. Bri, when you work out you feel good and the rest of your life is affected in a positive way.

Yeah, yeah this time it's not really my fault that I've been slacking in the exercise department. What with the illness and all, breathing and adequate oxygen exchange was kind of a necessary skill to have and that ability was greatly diminished by my evil illness.

But since I feel better finally, I headed back to the gym today. I tried a new boxing class at the same studio where I do boot camp and I LOVED it. It turns out I love to punch things. I don't really know what that means exactly but I'm going to take it and embrace it. What an awesome upper body workout.

When I got home I was euphorically happy. Working out makes me so giddy it's ridiculous. That is reason enough to try to do it most everyday. Why then does it seem like such a chore sometimes? Well, I am hoping to get out of that mindset soon and make it a part of my everyday life again. Tomorrow I'm going to yoga. Maybe variety is key? Stay tuned.

Jason is out of town on business (how swanky is he now?!) so I had the house to myself after working out. All that post workout euphoria got me into some kind of psychotic cleaning frenzy and I attacked the kitchen like woah. For those of you who know me well, I am not known as Mrs. Clean n' fact I have quite the opposite reputation. So when I do get into a cleaning mood it's both a welcome surprise to myself and others and chances are I won't stop for hours. I spent 5 solid hours cleaning out every single cupboard, wiping everything down, reorganizing, and throwing away crap we don't use. Man it felt good. Along with some loud random music, I allowed for a few little cleaning breaks where I moved the furniture out of the way and re-hashed some old ballet/dance moves in the living room (wood floors are great for pirouettes) and I had myself a nice little evening. Don't worry, the shades were closed.

Whenever I dance around the house it reminds me of the episode of Sex and the City where they talk about their ''single gal behaviors''...things they wouldn't do if their man was around. And dancing in the living room like THAT is definitely one of those behaviors. I'm all for a random dance party or a slow dance in the kitchen with my man, but this dance experience is a whole other level of embarrassing. Gotta love it.

I think that whole section above was proof enough that one workout can affect my mood in an incredible way. I plan to keep that going.

After I finished cleaning, I watched a little TV and updated my photography website. I am feeling incredibly blessed on the photography front these days. I have 6 sessions scheduled this week alone. That is certainly a record for me...and I am so excited about it. A few of those are mini sessions which I have gotten a great response to. Tomorrow night I am photographing twin babies (a boy & a girl!) and I have been looking forward to it for months! : ) Stay tuned for those photos. I am sure I will have to go through them right away tomorrow night, I won't be able to wait.

I also have gotten some inquiries for senior pictures as well as weddings. It's such an exciting time and I really can't wait to see where my business will be by the end of the summer. It's been so fun to watch it grow this year so far.

If you know of someone looking for a photographer, pass my name along : )

This last weekend we went out to our boat and found out that we needed to make a repair and couldn't use it for the whole weekend (see...cursed!). I had made meals and planned everything out so it was kind of a let down but luckily Jason's aunt and uncles have boats on the lake so we tagged along with them on Saturday. That didn't stop us from sleeping over on our boat on Friday night right there at the dock. It was kind of embarrassing but we embraced it and drank some wine and ate dinner on the deck of the boat and watched the sunset. I couldn't sleep very well since I had worked nights the night before so I layed outside while Jason slept and watched the stars, waves, and a few drunk people boating by. Besides the drunk people it was incredibly relaxing a beautiful. It was a good night. 

We had a great time on Saturday boating with a few of his uncles, aunt, and cousins. They are awesome. Here's a few pics from my point and shoot : )
Staying the night on the boat at the dock : ) Jason wasn't interested in having his picture taken ; )

Jason's lens fell out of his sunglasses so he popped the other one out and went with it.

Spent all day rafting and swimming

Everyone tried to get on this knee board is for kids but no one was willing to give up easily. Not even super tall Craig.

Or hipster Jason

Jason's aunt Lisa cooling off : )


Jason's cutie cousins McKenzie and Danielle tubing

or shall I say tube surfing...

then the whole family got on the tube!

the start of a gorgeous sunset....little did we know what was ahead...

sunset adults only booze cruise : )

this was the opposite side of the sky of the was like a mirrored reflection...

of THIS! isn't that stunning?!

gorgeous night.

 On Sunday, we went to my mom's pool to cool off and relax. That was nice and refreshing. And then we went to Jason's brother Danny's birthday dinner with his family and enjoyed some yummy burgers. The weekend was topped off with some kick ass thunderstorms which really satisfied Jason. Good weekend all around! : )

There are a few videos I was hoping to put on here so I will work on that and hopefully get those to work soon.

For now I will leave you with the videos of the songs I was dancing to in my living room tonight. You'll see why I say random...don't judge. 

James Morrison, I love you. You gave us our wedding song : ) As well as this great song...just listen, it might make you want to do a lyrical dance around your living room as well. ; )

And this song...well its just stuck in my head. I love country music in the summer time. It makes me happy. And lets face it, Josh Turner has a sexy deep voice...and isn't bad on the eyes either. We listened to this a bit when I was in Florida so it's kind of reminiscent of that too I guess. : )


Hope everyone is having a great week so far and stay tuned for cute kidlet pictures!

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