Sunday, June 17, 2012

Storm Twins: 1 year olds! (almost!)

Back in November when these cutie patooties were just 4 months old I did a photo shoot at their house. You have to check it out because they have grown so much! They are still as cute as ever but look even more like their own person and now have their own distinct personalities : )

We met at the park a few days ago and took some cute pictures. They are having a 'Very Hungry Caterpillar' themed birthday so we incorporated that into the photos as well as a cake smash at the end!

Thanks Maegen and Josh for asking me to do these pics. The boys are cute as ever!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

cute little family

Always on the go Carter (left) & Brody (right)

Carter...doing the leg lift haha


love this one!

cutie pie Brody : )

and now Brody with the leg lift! I love it...

Mama and her boys

the cake...before

hmmm....what's this?!

I got this Carter, you just sit back and enjoy the cake...

the frosting matches my shirt...I planned it that way

Destroyed, very quickly. I was impressed!

here, allow me.

And for old times is one of my favorite shots from when they were 4 months old...
And my attempt to re-create it...wasn't as easy this time!

Thanks again guys!

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