Monday, November 14, 2011

The Storm Twins

This is going to be a polar opposite posting from yesterday because I got to photograph two incredibly adorable twin boys and I have some cute pictures to share!
Maegen (their mama) and I were in the RN Residency program at work together when we first graduated so we got to know each other very well. We carpooled to work and at the time talked about my new boyfriend (Jason) and how she had just gotten engaged (Josh). We've been to each others weddings and remained friends since that time. Although we haven't seen each other in far too long, we had so much fun getting together when I took these photos. It was great to catch up with her and I have to say...I am very impressed with her mommy skills. I can't imagine raising twins!
The boys, Carter and Brody, are such good babies and it was so fun to meet them!
Hope you enjoy the pictures : )
Such cuties
Bumbo time!
Carter does not like hats...he was the master of wiggling out of them but I caught this one!

Thumbs up for me...I got out of the hat!
Night night
I love this one

brotherly love : )
I had so much fun with you Maegen. It was wonderful to meet your boys!


  1. I'm seriously in love with these photos. The first one and last one make my heart melt. You're really gettin' the hang of this Bri:) Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you Kristen! Thank you thank you! : ) I appreciate your nice words a ton! And I love that first one precious!

  3. These are great! Adorable babies too!

  4. Thanks Tiffany : ) They are adorable!