Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Day of Bri

That's right. I named today after myself.
I took it upon myself to be selfish all day long. And it felt so goooooood! This is yet another thing I am savoring knowing that it won't be as easy to accomplish once we have babies. Jason had to work all day followed by an evening work commitment as well so my day off work was wide open. At first I was bummed that he wasn't going to be home because I feel like we haven't seen each other much in the last week but then I realized we will be seeing each other non-stop for several weeks on end starting very soon. Therefore, today was Bri's day. Whatever I want to do, to eat, it's all gravy (and no I didn't eat gravy).
I always promote self care to my clinical students, like they did to us in nursing school. I figured I better take my own advice. 
So here was my ideal day: (although a massage would be part of the perfect day I suppose)
I slept in a bit and then went to get acupuncture. I haven't gone in many months and it's something that I realllllllllly like. But the place I was going to was pretty far away so it was hard for me to find time to get all the way over to the other side of town just to relax and get mini needles stuck in me : ) Well a post card came in the mail this week saying they were opening a location near me! In Maplewood! Woohoo! If anyone is interested in very reasonable acupuncture try out Minnesota Community Acupuncture! It is anywhere from $15-35 per session, you choose what you feel you can pay at the time. Also if you tell them I sent you, you get a discount on your first session (and I get one the next time I go in too!) But seriously if you've ever been curious about it, check it out. It's not painful but rather quite an amazing experience. It's helped me fix a few problems without resorting to medication so it's just incredibly relaxing.
And after zenning it up at acupuncture, I got a hot sandwich, soup, and latte from Panera. I proceeded to home where I shut myself in the den, grabbed the stack of magazines I have been meaning to read but haven't had time to, and sat my ass on the couch in front of the space heater and chilled (or warmed). I had a movie on in the background (Eat, Pray, it was also zen-ish...and I would like to go to Bali please) but otherwise no other use of technology...I locked my laptop in the basement until this evening...and it felt good!
Then I had an afternoon nap...beautimus. Aren't those just the best? The kind where you wake up more refreshed...not more tired.
After that I did wasn't zen but I knew it would make Jason happy so it made me happy as doing dishes can make a person...and a not so clean person at that. At least I listened to soothing music during it : )
Then I went to boot camp and worked out mega hard. Awesome. I needed that.
And now I am finishing my evening, back in the den...eating Thai food (classic dish when Jason is away since he's not a fan of Thai), drinking a warm alcoholic beverage, deep conditioning my hair, and wearing a face mask all by candlelight....I'm quite the sight. Oh and I'm watching Eat Pray Love again.
I plan to officially end my night in bed with some sleepytime tea (I new thing I'm trying), a half of a benadryl (tea can't work that great), and a book (finally starting the last Twilight book...shhhh!). I have three 12 hour shifts ahead of me this weekend and I intend to start the weekend off right with a good night's sleep for once! Usually I can't fall asleep til after 1 am the evening before I work the weekend for whatever I'm hoping that's not the case tonight.
That is a whole lot about me me me, but I need to record this in history so someday I can look back when I am elbow deep in baby shit or something like that (and no I'm not pregnant) and remember that I should try and have another day like today : ) And you should too...everyone deserves this...frequently!
Here is your prize for listening. The recipe (very simple) for my warm alchy beverage:
Warm Apple Cider, Jameson (as little or as much as you like), shaved cinnamon to taste, and a cinnamon stir stick!
I hope most people don't have to work this weekend and can enjoy it. Even though it will be freaky cold I'm sure. But hey...know you have something warm to drink : ) Happy almost Friday everyone!

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