Sunday, November 6, 2011

Quite the weekend!

We are back in Jacksonville and heading back to Minnesota tomorrow after a fun-filled wedding weekend on Jekyll Island in Georgia.
We stayed at an awesome, historical hotel (The Jekyll Island Club).
A few fun facts for all you history buffs out there:
1) The club was a very exclusive social gathering location during the late 1800's and early 1900's. Only the richest people could get in there and people built their summer homes and brought their yachts, etc. along with. People like J.P Morgan, William Rockefeller, and Joseph Pulitzer had homes there.
2) The first transcontinental phone call was palced from Jekyll Island.
3) And plans for the creation of the Federal Reserve were drafted on Jekyll Island
(all info found on the website for the hotel...I am used to citing my sources for school ; ) copying intended here folks)
It was fun to stay somewhere with so much history! Makes me remember how much I actually liked history class! 
Anyhoo, our room was located in one of the re-furbished summer homes. It was quite the place. The whole she-bang was held there. The rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception. It was gorgeous.
Here are a few pictures from the rehearsal dinner night. I am pretty sure I will never drink again after this weekend. At least not for a while ; )
A view from inside our room...such an awesome room. Even had a fireplace! : )

I LOVE moss covered trees!

The boys hanging out with the groom (Tony) on the balcony

Amanda and I keeping ourselves busy while the boys had the rehearsal... : )

Looking good boys...

that is intense...

I loved this background...what a sunset eh?

Amanda (my buddy all weekend!!) and Mark

had to be that picture taking freak and step outside to shoot this sunset real fast during dinner ; )
Later that night, we headed out to the pier for some dancing and more drinking...ahh yes. There was a 2-man band playing their guitars and much to my happiness and surprise these nice country boys knew some Amos Lee and Ray LaMontagne songs. : ) Yes! (and as you can tell, these pictures were NOT from my nice camera...that is not a wise mix with whiskey)
listening to some music

Jason creeping into the picture as usual

best picture ever.

Some quality dance moves
once Mark and Jason start dancing...there's no turning back

Needless to say, we didn't feel super awesome the next day. When the boys headed off to the sports bar with the groom on his wedding day, Amanda and I layed around all day and eventually made it to mimosas and face masks...
And THENNNNN...Nikki and Justin arrived! : ) (my seester in law and her hubby) and we headed to the wedding festivities:

Jamey and her daddy...tear

Nikki and Justin...Nik you looked HOT!

Bryan looking studly in his suit

he's like...yeah, I know

Nikki and Justin : )

Mr. and Mrs. McQuade!!

One set of Floridians feeling a bit chilly in the uncharacteristically cool weather that day...

Maid of Honor speech
My cute hubby giving his awesome Best Man speech : )

Mari's GORGEOUS baby, Avery : )

Love you Nik!

Stocking up...the bar is closing soon!!
Millard : ) How you feeling today??
We (we being Nikki and myself) had harrowing plans of getting really drunk (or I had plans for her) because we have never been alone just the four of us without the kidlets since Jason and I started dating. But try as we did, we couldn't quite get as wastey faced as we wanted. I take that back, Justin did it for the rest of us. But nevertheless, there was dancing, good conversation, and a nice long (daylight savings time induced) nights sleep.
Today, we said our goodbyes and got to Jacksonville thinking we might venture out and see what was around our hotel...however, we both got to the room, took one look at the ginormous and incredibly comfy looking bed and knew instantly that this Sunday would not be unlike other we are being lazy and watching football : )
Tomorrow we are heading back to MN but we will be back in the fla in just a few short weeks for Thanksgiving before our trip to South America. I am excited to see our nieces then...I miss them like woah!
This long weekend was a mixed bag of awesomeness. From Jacksonville Beach to Jekyll Island, GA, and back to downtown was definitely a success! : )
Congratulations to Tony and Jamey McQuade. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and I hope you LOVE your honeymoon in St. Lucia. Lord knows Jason and I are jealous and will remember our honeymoon through your pictures : )
Oh and one last thing...Tony, I know you made up the story about someone being murdered in our room at Jekyll Island. You should know I am very gullible when it comes to ghost stories and did NOT sleep well the first night. Jerk. ; ) 

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