Monday, June 4, 2012

Boating & such

Well, it's getting old sitting here on this couch. I am generally one that enjoys loafing and doing nothing when given the opportunity but I've been here for about a week now and I am officially over it.

Oversensitive me is also oversensitive and just plain allergic to lots of antibiotics and one of the few options that is left for me has almost made me feel worse than the bug itself. Fevers, aching, and feeling just plain exhausted are some of the fun side effects of this med for me. Luckily though I only have one day left of the med and I can hopefully move on with my life. I sure am ready to!

I have spent most of my time sleeping, eating, and watching TV. Insert feeling like slug.

When I came back from Florida I was feeling ultra motivated to get my work out on but after one day at the gym I quickly realized whatever illness I was dealing with needed to be gone before exercising. I was not very agile nor could I breathe without the use of an inhaler. Bad idea. So I am greatly looking forward to getting back to boot camp when the time is right.

Yesterday I thought I was feeling better for a second (how wrong I was) and went shopping to buy my new camera that I have been saving for. It was very exciting but by the time I got home I felt like I had run a marathon. I retreated to my couch with my token pillow and blanket and read the manual for the camera cover to cover and took some practice shots of my wallet and keys. Lame, lame life right now. But I love the camera so far and am so excited to officially use it for the first time. Very sadly, I had to cancel/reschedule my photo shoot with newborn twins today due to my fevers...I can't wait to get those done!! : )

Also sadly I missed Jason's cousin's birthday party today that was bowling/laser tag. I love laser tag. And when Jason came home and dubbed it ''one of the coolest birthday parties ever'' I felt some serious jealousy pangs. I will be forcing him to take me there someday soon. See, we aren't ready to be parents, we still want to just play laser tag ourselves! Haha.

And since I have all this free time I wanted to share some pictures of our boating adventures thus far. And waa waa, poor Bri had to miss out on boating this weekend too. I'll get over it eventually.

So here's the basics of our boat. It's old. It's awesome. It's 24' long. It's a money pit (we are quickly realizing) but we still think it's worth it. We sleep on it. We eat on it. We pee on it (when Jason allows it). Pooping is not allowed unless it's a dire emergency. It holds a lot of gasoline. Gasoline on the lake is f***ing expensive. It's our move-able lake cabin. We are still getting comfortable driving it (or Jason is...I'm next in line). We think it might be cursed. But it really is awesome.

We've talked about wanting a boat since the day we met I'm pretty sure. So when the finances allowed for it, we went for it. It's so awesome and so stressful at the same time. There's so much that can go wrong with a boat, especially an older boat and those things ain't cheap. But to be honest, I'm pretty sure we both love it too much already to ever let it go.

We have only had guests on it one day because we wanted time to get comfortable driving it, and because of problems we've needed to fix, or weather, or illness...but we are bound and determined to get as much use out of it as possible. I'm willing to stay on it til the lake freezes. No vacations for us til winter it's lookin' like : )

The best part has been this group we joined which owns part of Big Island. We can dock there overnight and whenever we want. They have bathrooms, a showers, and a full kitchen under a pavilion. You just pay a fee for the summer and you can use it all. Including wifi and plugging your boat in for power. It's my kind of camping. The other boaters that stay there are mostly older than us but all incredibly nice and welcoming. They certainly aren't afraid to have a few drinks and sing songs around the campfire. It's been so fun.

Anyways, we are loving boating despite all our drama (something goes wrong pretty much everyday) and I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for us.

Here are some pictures from our adventures so far. As usual, some are from my SLR and others from my point and shoot camera : )

Our first meal on the boat : )

V-berth in the cabin of the boat

Getting ready to go out for the first time : )

view from our dock space

first music choices : )

Captain Jasey


This is the life!

love this picture! just sitting out in the middle of the lake : )

first night sleeping in the boat

the deck with the camper top on at night


whiskey gingers for the fire

first morning breakfast...nice work chef Jason!

last weekend, hooking up to Jason's uncles boats

doing some swimming

getting ready to jump in!


the storm that rolled in that night at the island...

some creepy ass swirly clouds...Jason was loving it!

We took shelter in the bathrooms at this point....

storm 2, watching the downpour from the pavilion

the next morning...another yummy breakfast!

Christopher...having a Leo moment

Jason's dad and two of his brothers...our first boat guests


and yes!




favorite spot

love these boys!

let the summer begin!!

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