Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Alley Cats

That is exactly where we spent my niece Lula's 4th birthday party on Saturday (although I believe it's spelled Alley Katz). Lula is just hilarious. She is getting such an attitude (in a good way...a funny way) and this is clearly evidenced by her pictures. We had a great time. Here are some photos from the big day!

She isn't really into full on smiles...haha

ok maybe she is ; ) if you catch her at the right moment

sisters : )

Nikki and Emma (one of Lula's friends)

Nikki and my dual effort (i baked the cookie, she decorated : ) )

Ellie and Tyler (Emma's brother and Ellie's friend)

I cracked up so hard when she did this

talking to grandma, having a britney spears moment

just up from a nap

cute family shot

and one more : )

auntie bri with the girls


some meanie popped one of her balloons, this picture is classic!

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