Friday, August 12, 2011

Not just a fantasy

The first time I heard it I didn't know what I was really hearing so I didn't pay attention. 
But a few months into our relationship, I finally eavesdropped on one of these mysterious phone conversations to hear what was really going on. I stood at the top of the basement stairs to hear Jason talking to his friend Tony. I was 100% sure they were talking about some kind of business plan. Jason was super serious and weighing some different options of some kind. He was discussing the pros and cons and how it would affect his team. Wait, team? Yes, team. He was in fact not discussing a business plan at all...well not technically. 
Fantasy Football. This has been a huge part of Jason's July-February life (who am I kidding? year round life) since the day I met him and well before it. He and his high school/college buddies have been playing since 2002 and it is likely one of Jason's favorite things to do. He pretty much prefaced this hobby by saying, ''take it or leave it, I love it and am not going to stop loving it". And he wasn't kidding. 
So I decided I better figure out what it was all about and learn to love it and have been playing on free leagues on ESPN and more recently on a team with his brothers, dad, and uncle for the last several years. I feel like I have gained some understanding of why he likes it. Plus it makes watching football way more exciting.
But nothing will ever compare to his love for fantasy football or football in general. This was evidenced by the draft they had here in Florida a few days ago. 
On the way home from the airport, Jason and his friend Mark were brainstorming ways they could make the draft more "professional".  You see, they usually do their draft from their homes and not at the same location so this was a really big deal. Everyone happened to be in town for Tony's bachelor party so they made the most of it. It was pretty hilarious. We stopped at Target and gathered supplies to make some sweet folders, place-cards, and a welcome poster. This was to be a surprise for the other guys. 
I had to go experience this draft in person and capture the emotion that I knew would be omnipresent.
Here are some photos from the big event!
Here is the poster I made, as you can see the boys gave me directions to follow

The finished product, I am not the most artsy but it's not bad! (T3 is the original team name...triangle talk is still the league name)
Some of the folders, place-cards

The best one, in my humble opinion

The insisted the pitcher of water was key. The water bottles were on of the grooms gifts we had made for our wedding

Getting ready to start the draft

Pondering a pick

Justin making a crappy pick

Mark and Tony deep in discussion


weighing the options

my cute husband

my sister-in-law's husband Justin

praying for a good pick?

This pretty much sums it all up...i love it!


  1. Ohhhhhh....this has provided such a good giggle...I needed that, so thanks Bri! Bahahahaaha....I love it and I hope it lives on FOREVER! Nothing compares to tradition. I love that my husband is a part of it...even if he's not sure what's going on? This bunch of guys is a good bunch, all i have to say :)

  2. I know!! They crack me up so much!!!!