Saturday, August 20, 2011

My husband, the stud

Today is my husband Jason's 29th birthday. I know he has some mixed feelings about turning 29 and even more about the next birthday to come. With that being said, I don't know anyone more fun, hilarious, and who is a true kid at heart. He makes everyday so wonderful. I always tell him and other people, if I wouldn't have met him I would have never thought love like this was possible. He is so encouraging to me in my life in so many ways and so not judgmental when I get off track. He is patient (like last night when I was a crabby pants after work) and sweet. And beyond that, he is incredibly smart and has a strong work ethic (ie law school, etc.). I know he will do great in his career because of his charming personality and willingness to work hard.

I love you so much. You are the best husband and friend I could have ever hoped for. You've helped me through hard times (like my dad passing away) with such grace and I appreciate you so much. Whatever comes our way in life, I am confident we can handle it together because you are such a strong and steady man...exactly what I need
: )
Thanks for being so wonderful! Happy Birthday!!

Now for the evidence. Since Jason is almost legally a lawyer, I figure some proof of my words would be required. So here it goes...remember that time when:
you pretended to see a ghost when we were in Savannah (the most haunted city in the US...and I am easily freaked out!)

I could never get you to smile for the first shot of a picture....oh wait that's every time we take a picture. But somehow those always turn out the best!
you and Justin were just being ''you and Justin'' other words needed

you pretended you knew how to fire the missiles on the submarine in San Fran...

you let me take pictures of you whenever I want, even if it's embarrassing for you

all those times in general when you are just being your hyper, hilarious self
Lipstick loved you more than are always the favorite! : )

you went in the jail cell that apparently makes people extra fertile...that look says it all

when you were crazy excited for your fantasy draft...oh wait you are always crazy excited about fantasy!

when you finally got me in on not smiling for the first picture...there's really no point
and then smiling when the time is right : )

There is so much more evidence but since my computer is kind of new, I only had pictures from the last year.
Thanks for making my life so fulfilled, I can't wait to see what the future brings for us. I know that I am incredibly lucky to have a guy like you : )
Now off to enjoy celebrating his B-Day on Lake Minnetonka! Woohoo!

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