Thursday, September 1, 2011

Money Saver!!

I know I am not alone in spending obnoxious amounts of money at places like caribou or starbucks every week. It's so good and such a great treat!
Well, when we were in Florida a few weeks ago, we drank coffee at my sister-in-law's every morning...from HER coffee maker. And my sis-in-law is a Starbucks lover so I was shocked at this new behavior of hers. But I didn't really question it, I just enjoyed the fact that I didn't spend $35 from going to s-bux everyday of the trip. To be honest, by the end of the week I was loving the taste of homemade coffee. You can add whatever you want, tweak it as you wish and be on your merry way. I was surprised I liked it so much.
In an attempt to be more money conscious, Jason and I agreed awhile ago that we could allow ourselves one coffee or smoothie from a restaurant/coffee shop per week. Seems fair for the most part. We also had talked about getting one of those single serve coffee makers but weren't sure what kind we wanted to get. But after that trip, it inspired me to get out there and get one and see how it went. And let me tell you...I love it!!!
my new best friend
I got it at Target. It makes single serving cups of coffee in less than 10 seconds and has a chamber filled with water so you only need to refill it every 10 cups or so. It's perfect for the incredible laziness I have to deal with every morning. I have made myself a cup every single morning for the last 2 1/2 weeks! It's a keeper!!
The best part is, I had been doing those gift card deals at Target where you buy a certain item (ie toilet paper) and get a $5 gift card...they have the deals every week on several different items usually. I had been saving my gift cards and stocking up on household items that we needed. I used those giftcards to buy this baby so that makes it even more of a deal! It's like couponing but cooler because you can pick a prize at the end!
I haven't spent a dime on coffee out since I bought this and it hasn't even been a struggle. I don't miss Caribou at all....and believe me friend, I was a skeptic.
So if you like coffee and you're in the market for a money-saving tool...check it out : ) They have tea, cider, coffee, mochas, etc.!
Thanks Nikki for sparking the interest in my mind...I am confident Jason will thank you as well whenever he looks at the next credit card statement : )


  1. Bri, another saving money option is to buy the k cups at kohls. We wait until we haver a 30% off coupon and then stock up on a few boxes! Super cheap!

  2. Sandy! Awesome! I didn't even think to look at Kohl's for those...great idea! : ) How much are they normally there?