Friday, September 30, 2011

Big Brother X's Photo Shoot

Yesterday I was feeling a little down on myself because I didn't hit the gym before going to this photo shoot. Well boy was I in for a surprise. I can guarantee you that if I had worn a heart rate monitor to this session I would have been satisfied with my calorie burn for the day!
Xander is an adorable kiddo I was lucky enough to photograph yesterday. He just became a big brother to little Wyatt. I was going to get pictures of both kids...some of X outside and the baby inside but as soon as we hit the walking path to take pictures Xander was OFF! I laughed when I saw that a lot of my pictures were of his back...running away from me. But I managed to sprint ahead and get a few really cute shots.
I am planning to go back to take pictures of Wyatt sometime next week but in the meantime here are some samples from our shoot yesterday. Thanks to these boys' mama for letting take their pictures!

I love the footsteps

he's adorable

I love the plumber (diaper) shot

This and the next picture kind of define their current relationship....

poor guy...haha

to the park we went...

the wet clothes = a sandy Xander!

X for X


Thanks again Nadine for letting me photograph your boy(s)...can't wait to get some of Wyatt next week!!

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