Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You can find me in St. Louie na na na...

You can find me in St. Louie...na na na...
Ok I will take this opportunity to embarrass myself and admit to some of my musical tastes in high school. When I was in 10th and 11th grade I lifeguarded at a lake in my hometown (Crystal Lake...what what!). It was a really fun job...I got tan, got to hang out with cute boys, and ''save lives'' (even though that never really needed to happen on a grand scale...thank God!). One thing I clearly remember from those summers was bringing my discman into the concession stand where we would take our breaks and hang out and hook it up to speakers and blast our music. I remember we listened to a lot of Blink 182 and Sum 41 that summer but more importantly and memorably Nelly and the St. Lunatics. Here was little innocent Bri blasting some ghetto music in the concession stand and also pumping up the volume while driving around in my little red cavalier. Yeah, I was that badass. The best part is, I can still remember most of the lyrics to the St. Lunatics songs. I don't really know why I liked it so much but I did.
The groups were from St. Louis if you didn't gather that by the name (St. Lunatics) so they rap about the city a lot. So naturally I was playing certain lyrics in my head all week last week before heading to St. Louie for the weekend. I busted out a little diddy for Jason when we got to the hotel and I don't think he could believe my awesome rapping skills (kidding) or the fact that I still remembered all those words.
Since the lyrics made St. Louis sound pretty dangerous and scary I was a tad nervous to go there since we didn't have a car and walked everywhere (the lyrics I remember start off with: you can find me in st. louie na na na where the gunplay rain all day na na na...etc. etc.) but it was great and we felt totally safe.
Who knew there was so much fun stuff to do there?! We had a great long weekend! It was fun to hang out just the two of us and catch up since we both have been working so much. Here is a synopsis of our trip in pictures : ) A lot of pictures!
We found a fun rooftop patio that overlooked the arch and the river...good find on the first day!
Some cheese and martinis
My cute husband
Getting ready to go out
After dinner we were so tired that we said we were just going to grab a drink at the hotel bar and go to bed...
Well one thing led to another...
And we got nice and drunk!
Several drinks and a few hours later...
We called it a night and passed out upstairs!
The next morning we walked over to Busch stadium to see the Cubs vs. Cardinals...I love this picture ''I'm a real boy!"

I loved all the random statues around the city...
Ready for some baseball!
Jason picked some great seats!
Cute old man watching real close!

It was Pujols' last game so everyone was cheering loudly the whole game. The Cards came out with the win and it was a great game to the end!
When we were in Chicago we went to a Cubs and a Sox game in the same day...so we decided to do that again for the Rams game...they played the Falcons and it was pretty terrible to watch. They stunk it up. Luckily the tickets were only $2 a piece so we didn't feel bad leaving after a quarter or two.
Then we went for a bite to eat and some drinks and got super annoyed by all the belligerent Rams fans...so we made our way back to the hotel...saw a pretty sunset reflection on the arch on the way back : )
The next morning we headed to the Anheuser Busch Brewery which was very fun and interesting. Here are some barrels used to age the beer...the barrels hold 200,000 six packs each and these barrels were stacked at least 4 high. Crazy!
Got to see some beer makin'
This place was so extravagant

One of the mascots for a non-alcoholic drink they made during prohibition...I liked him! So cute but sneaky!
The brewery sat on over 100 acres of land...it reminded us of a huge college campus

The bottling plant...they package crazy amounts of beer crazy fast
As you can see!
It was a pretty sweet deal because the tour was free and we got two free glasses of any beer free at the end of the tour! They have a new blueberry beer called Wild Blue...I LOVED it! You should try it!

Next we made our way to the Arch...I still cannot believe how much bigger it was in person than I expected

This is a view of the arch from me laying directly under it
I like it!
A little side view
Jason you sneaky bitch!

I do like this one!
I like this one too : )
Waiting for our taxi to the rib joint

Damn...he's sexy

and still waiting for the taxi
a few self portraits...
Jason got a few of me taking my lying shots haha
And then we finally made it to Pappy's smokehouse...they had the BEST pulled pork sandwich I have ever tasted! Holy crap! Jason got ribs which he also said were to die for!
Doesn't get more manly than that
After that we hung out at the hotel and watched some football and headed back to MN early this morning. It was so much fun! Who knew there were so many fun things to do so close to home...well sorta. This inspired us to keep our eye out for cheap airfare to anywhere because you can always find fun stuff to do no matter where you go!
After today, I am working an insane amount for the next two weeks. I am trying not to think about it and just going with it...I hope to be doing a few photo sessions in the next few weeks so stay tuned for those!
Keep warm everyone...enjoy whipping out the fall attire...I sure have!


  1. Haha...wish i could comment on each picture :( But the bar ones were my favorite! It's fun when things happen like that! Only wished we were there too...looks like it was lots of fun!

  2. I wish you could too!! I guess I better keep posting pictures to facebook eh? The bar part WAS so fun. It would have been so fun if you guys were there...Tony's wedding = even better than that!