Monday, July 25, 2011


Yesterday, our friends Ron and Katie and her sister and fiance and myself did the Warrior Dash in Afton, MN. This is a race with obstacles like climbing up high structures, running over fire, sliding down a giant slip and slide and finally swimming under barbed wire through mud to the finish line.
It was quite the dirty experience. The hills were gigantic...should have realized that when I saw it was going to be at a ski hill. Duh. I haven't exactly been running a lot this summer. Bootcamp has been my thing so I thought I'd be ok. Wrong. It was super hard and my finishing time was pretty embarrassing. But besides that, it was pretty fun! I've always wanted to jump in a pool of mud and now I can cross that off my bucket list. But I will definitely do it again next year if Jason wants to do it : )

And speaking of warriors (not to be corny), my incredibly smart hubby is taking the bar exam starting tomorrow and I want to wish him good luck! I know he will do great but he is understandably nervous. I know you will do awesome baby and you're almost done with everything law school related!!! Love you!!!