Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Funday

I am convinced that the best thing about being a hospital nurse is that I get days off during the week. It's awesome. I can go to Target and the grocery store when hardly anyone is there (compared to the weekend at least) and I can just do whatever I want while most other people have to work. At times, my lazy tendencies get in the way and I accomplish absolutely nothing, but I do my best to do at least one productive thing per day. Two if I'm lucky.

My husband has spent all of his summer studying for the bar exam which means I have had to entertain myself even more than normal. Usually he will jump around, act crazy, and entertain me so it's been kind of dull so far. So I have taken it upon myself to find ways to spend money we don't have and plan my dream trip to Peru. For some reason I have always wanted to go there and have been totally intrigued by the country and the ancient culture. I think I have found a way that we can afford to go, perhaps over our 2 year anniversary this winter? Time will tell and depending on what kind of job the hubby gets, that will really determine if we can leave for/afford a trip like this.
But in the meantime...I shall keep on plannin'!

Gluten Free
On a gluten-free note, today starts my ''recommitting" to the gluten free lifestyle. So far, so good. I know how to treat myself right which I learned in the beginning stages of this I am taking advantage of that and eating some of my favorite gluten free things to get me excited. It's a little easier this time since I have been mostly eating gluten free with some cheat days mixed in, but it's good to start off with something totally delicious to remind me that it's not so bad : )
My two magic ''food'' items come from Jamba Juice and Chipotle. Both gluten free and both so frickin' tasty!
Unfortunately since the hubs and I have decided to only allow ourselves one coffee/smoothie and one lunch from a restaurant per week (in an effort to save money and stop spending RIDICULOUS amounts on eating out), I have met my quota for the week after only being awake for 4 hours. Haha! Oh well, gotta do what you gotta do.
This was totally worth it...
The trifecta of awkwardness
It's HOT out today. When I left bootcamp today (my workout which I love), my car said it was 103* outside. That may have been a bit of a stretch, but it sure feels close to that!
Seems like a perfect day to enjoy my inflatable pool right? Sure!
I mean check it out...filled with cold water, 2 cup holders, and even a blow-up lounger built in to accommodate half-sleeping naps! Who wouldn't want to lay in this baby when it's a million degrees out?
  Well that's where the trifecta comes in. The trifecta I am referring to are the neighbors surrounding me. The ones to our left, right, and straight ahead. How fitting. A perfect triangle.

To our right we have some new neighbors who are living there until the owner's foreclosure goes through. There are several random people (all very friendly and nice) who do a variety of questionable jobs at all hours of the night to make a living. I don't know what's worse, the horrible stench of rotting animal flesh coming from their bonfire pit which has yet to be burned after a good 2 weeks of flies infesting whatever is buried under the pile of crap or the fact that one of the guys told me he was going to come join me in the pool. No thanks.
Straight ahead we have an older man who has a beautiful yard. He has a kick ass vegetable garden and is always very helpful in answering my gardening questions. But the only problem is, when he starts talking it takes a good 30+ minutes to break away from conversation. Last week he got me when I was watering my veggie garden so I couldn't pretend like I was busy (sounds mean, but trust's necessary sometimes). He proceeded to tell me all about how he was dreading the weekend and how he always has to hang out with his mother-in-law when he'd rather be doing something more fun. He continued to tell me how he was sure she would have been dead by now since she was in her 90's and asked me when it was his turn to do something fun. I didn't quite know how to respond to that and just nodded and continued on with the never-ending conversation. I think he feels like he can talk to me about this now since he has brought it up on several other occasions since then. Needless to say, when he drove by today, I pretended I was sleeping. Do I want to talk about your mother-in-law and how you wish she would just die already, again? No thanks.
And last but most certainly not our left we have a guy who is in his 40's and lives with his mom. He sits in his garage all day smoking pot and drinking beer....and staring into our yard. Last week when I was lounging in my luxury pool he stopped over three separate times in less than 2 hours to talk. Once to offer me a pop (which I clearly had my own in my hand already), another to offer me a pair of his huge glaucoma sunglasses because he thought it looked like I was squinting (I had my sunglasses on already), and another to ask me where my 'boyfriend' Jesse was. I don't know how many hundreds of times I have told him we are married and that his name is Jason, but it never quite clicks. So I don't even correct him anymore. Although he is nice enough, he is also the same man who waters his mom's lawn by hand, several times a day and took it upon himself to come into our yard last summer and 'trim' our lilac bush into what mostly resembled a bonzai tree afterward. So in addition to his 'friendliness' I know he is staring into our yard judging me for not mowing our lawn today, despite the 100* heat. No thanks.
So as I laid in the pool today, sunk as low as possible hoping no one would notice me, I wondered if a privacy fence might be a better investment than a trip to Peru for the time being : )

Our cat Louie has only one purpose in life. To get outside. It's especially bad in the summertime when he knows it's not cold. When he's not sleeping, he literally meows all day long at the door, hoping we will let him outside. It's obnoxious.

Please Mommy?

Luckily, our sweet Pierre is very polite and doesn't ask for much.

A good day
Overall, today has been a great day so far. I can't wait to hang out with my hubby later and relax....because I have worked my ass off today ; ). Oh and my veggie garden is finally starting to be fruitful (or veggieful). I am going to find a way to incorporate these bad boys into our dinner!
Hope everyone is having a great day : )
~ Bri

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  1. oh my gosh Bri! i love that you have a blog. now i can keep up with everything you are up to! :) but i do wish i could see you in person. i miss you mucho!