Monday, July 18, 2011

Shout Out

I'd like to give a shout out to Amy from work for inspiring my blog title. I have been wanting to start a blog for a few years and haven't really been able to decide what to call it. And thanks to the many nicknames given to me by said co-worker Amy (who very well might be one of the most hilarious people ever), I have my title. I don't even remember where bri-licious came from or what the story is behind it. But I do know there is bri-yonce and many other names that come out of her mouth most of the times we work together.
This blog is meant to be my self modge-podge (if that's a word) of things I like, struggle with, am trying to change, yummy recipes, horrible recipes, and just random crap I feel like writing about! : ) I don't frankly care if anyone reads it but in an effort to have something funny to look back on (like my 4th grade diary), basically I'm pretty much doing this for my future entertainment.
So if you happen to be reading this, welcome! Happy to have you.

And instead of writing about my attempted gluten-free lifestyle and other random goings on, I better just go to bed since it is after 3 am on a Sunday.                Right?
Here's the short and bittersweet:
I have been trying to eat gluten-free since February of this year. The reason I attempted this way of eating is because of feeling fatigued and having major abdominal pain/digestive issues. I have been tested for celiac disease twice and those tests have come back negative. So I am under the assumption that I am gluten intolerant rather than straight-up celiac. The reason I feel this to be true is when I eat gluten free I am much more energetic, clear-minded, happy, and don't have stomach aches. All huge bonuses. I was kicking ass on the gluten free diet for a good 4 months when I started slipping. It's not an easy diet to follow. Especially for me...the all kinds of bread lover. Pasta, breading on fried food, pizza, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.!  I have allowed myself some cheat days...some with bad reactions by my body others with none. So the inevitable point has come where I need to recommit myself to being totally gluten free because cheating once or twice a week isn't doing me any good and I am starting to feel like my old, tired, sluggish self again.
So writing this down will hopefully help me to hold myself responsible for eating better. : )

And now that it's nearly 330, I suppose I better actually get some sleep!

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