Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brain Fuzz

I am hungover today.
Basically I have been trying to do as little as possible today for that very reason. Jason and I went out for a delicious, greasy breakfast this morning which was so fabulous because we actually got to spend time together! (so far, post law school and bar exam life is excellent!) That would have been enough activity for me but last weekend I spent an entire day doing yard work for my mom in order make a little side cash to pay for this personal training promotion at the gym where I do my bootcamp. I had made my first appointment for today (what was I thinking?) so I had to make myself go. It was an awesome workout and my arms actually really kill as I am typing this...that means I am going to be toned soon, hopefully. Right?
I had all these clever things I was going to write about but then my fuzzy brain decided that it didn't want to share those ideas with me today. So maybe tomorrow.
So instead, I shall give a short, lighthearted photo show of my cat Louie. You know, someday I might be embarrassed by how much I like my cats when I actually have human children but they are awesome, hilarious, and low maintenance so I stand proud in my love for my little french named kitties Louie and Pierre.
Louie is obsessed with bags. So Jason always takes that opportunity to either drag him across the floor in the bag or swing him. Louie apparently thinks this is an amusement park ride because he just looks like he's in heaven (well, if cats actually change their facial expressions that's what his would show). So this is what my hazy brain is supplying you with of Louie in a bag.
Enjoy. Your life is now complete and you can start your weekend feeling fulfilled.
So content

Getting ready to swing


So fast, getting scerd?

I like how he clings to the bag

you know he likes it

 On that note, I am going to bed. Goodnight moon!

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  1. Just thought you should know I did NOT contract cat scratch fever. :) Also, I have forgiven Louie because the bag pictures are HILARIOUS.