Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good 'ol Chicago Ave

After working 16 hours today, I was in a very tired, hazy, craving tater tots state of mind. As I pulled out of the parking ramp and onto Chicago Ave it took a triple take and a long stare to really process what I saw.
Now don't be fooled, I have seem plenty-o-action on my post evening shift car rides home. A police standoff with guns drawn and the suspect's hands in the air, people shooting up on the corner, drunk people fighting or just being obnoxious, police tape after a shooting in the McDonald's parking lot. There's never really a dull moment.
But today I saw this tall lanky shadowy figure and then I realized all I could see was a pair of long legs. And I thought to myself, "wow, he has some short ass shorts on!'' and then my eyes continued up until I finally saw the shiny fabric of his skin tight man panties! That's right, the only thing he was wearing were his undies...but the best part was, he was strutting cat-walk style down the side-walk. I am not sure what he was doing. I don't think that 1145pm on Chicago Ave is the best time/place to be discovered for your strutting skills in hopes of making it big in the modeling industry, but what do I know?
Let's just say I got in a good loud giggle. I wonder what I'll see next time! : )

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