Tuesday, July 26, 2011

*The beat just dropped and the room got sexy*

Those are some lyrics from a new CD that I am semi-embarrassed to admit that I like.
You see, I would classify myself as a music lover for sure. I like all kinds of music but especially mellow music with good lyrics. I wouldn't describe myself as a pop music fan at all. I like ''different'' stuff that people haven't heard too much about but I am also not usually cool enough to know all the latest music on The Current either(which I really like along with cities 97, etc). I even like some country music once in a while, (zac brown band...woot woot).
But there has been one poppy entertainer that I have liked since day 1. She just won't go away.  It's not because she has good lyrics or even a good voice (because she doesn't, in my opinion). But by golly I don't know how many workouts I would have quit if it weren't for her. When I ran my first (and what should have been my last) marathon, I literally repeated one of her songs for several miles in a row because it gave me bursts of energy that I really needed.
So I'd like to thank Britney Spears for pumping me up in my car before bootcamp today because I realllllllly didn't feel like working out. And I look forward to the run she's going to get me through later this week too.
So if you're looking for stuff to listen to when you work out or just want to bust out a little dance party in your living room (side note: I'd recommend proper attire because the mailman might see you through the window), I'm just sayin...check it out.
ahh the innocent years....

couldn't resist this find!


  1. You know! It's So true! Not a fan, but I am when I need a lift! Great post Bri!
    ps- this looks just like your handwriting it crazy! Love you~

  2. I'm glad you agree : )
    And I know, I was just thinking that the other day...it does look like my handwriting!!
    Thanks for your comment, love you lots!