Friday, July 20, 2012

A Pinteresting Week : )

As I said in my last posting, I have had all this week off. That gave me plenty of time to plan out our meals and get back to cooking some good food : ) It feels so good to cook at home and not always spend money to eat out.

I had several recipes ''pinned'' on Pinterest that I've been wanting to try for a long time. So I took this week and went for it. And honestly, everything has turned out great! Not one nasty meal yet!! : ) Impressed?? I am. And Jason too I'm sure.

Jason often asks me if I find things ''pinteresting'' so that's how I got the title for this blog...FYI. What a nerd. 

One of the recipes I am sharing I made all on my own...a little Bri invention...otherwise the other  recipes are all from Pinterest...except for the last two...and I will explain that later.

So here we go...tested and approved!!
(and note: some of these meals are not gluten free...totally cheated this week...totally worth it! shhh..)


I started off Monday right with my own invention. Egg Bake Cups : ) Jason and I both like egg bake but we kind of got sick of it so I hadn't made it in awhile. I was thinking the other day...why not make single servings of it so you can have them quick and ready to go in the morning? Turns out...awesome idea! They are delicious and I'm pretty sure we are going to have to wrestle over the last one in the morning. : )

I just made 7 cups to start because I wasn't sure how they would taste but they ended up great!! So here's a recipe for approximately 7 cups : )

  • 6 eggs, whipped with milk
  • 1/2 cup milk (low fat)
  • 1/4 cup each of finely chopped red, green, yellow peppers, and yellow onions
  • Simply Potatoes hashbrowns, enough to line the bottom of each muffin cup
  • 4 slices of bacon, cooked
  • shredded cheese, sprinkled on top of each cup
Approximate weight watchers points per cup: 3 (!!)

line the muffin cups with hashbrowns
chop peppers and onions, whip eggs and milk

chop up bacon

Fill muffin cups with egg mixture, top with bacon and cheese, cook on 350* for 15-20 minutes or until cooked through

I'm super proud of this recipe...and will be repeating it frequently! : )

Later that night, I made ham and cheese sliders. I have made these here's the link to the recipe...and here's the picture!!
these were yummy the first day and yummy as leftovers for lunch the next day!

Monday was a big recipe day...I also made these strawberry simple syrup put them in lemonade to make it into fresh strawberry lemonade!! SO freaking good. Jason and I both loved them. You can use anywhere from 1-3 cubes in each glass. It does take a bit for them to melt but it's worth the wait!! We used Simply Lemonade and that was the perfect combo : ) They were pretty easy to make and we still have some's the recipe : )


I don't know if this one can count as a ''new'' recipe since I have made it and posted about it before...but it was too freaking good not to and I did get it off why not!! The best part is, Jason ended up not being able to come home for dinner that night but I was so excited about this meal that I made a single serving just for me!! SOOOO worth it!! So here's the link to the recipe and here's a picture!!

White Chicken Chili Enchiladas : )


Another yummy day. I made Tortellini Spinach Bake with Creamy Lemon Sauce...this was awesome. Jason said it may be his favorite thing I've ever made! I think that's how I felt about those enchiladas up there....but the tortellini was good too : ) : ) Click on the link for the recipe and here are the pictures:

so good!!

nom nom nom

Tonight I made Asian Beef and freaking good. This was not a Pinterest recipe but it will be soon! It was actually something my mom made back when she did Weight Watchers when I was a kid. I always remembered it and meant to search for the recipe....and now I finally did. I found this blog posting from someone who knew the recipe and it tasted exactly as I remembered. It turned out super tasty and Jason was majorly impressed : ) It reminded me that I rarely cook with steak but I should do so more often. You for sure need to try this!! So easy and relatively cheap to make too.

and p.s. it goes really well with that strawberry lemonade I showed you way up top : )

And last but not least, I have been meaning to share something I made last we will call this Friday....


I love Noodles and Company but was getting sick of paying nearly 10 bucks every time I went to get pasta fresca or pesto cavvatapi so I decided I would try to recreate pasta fresca at home : ) It turned out really yummy and I will definitely be trying it to see if I can re-create the pesto recipe soon! I found this recipe online and the only complaint I have is that it recommends making the ''fresca'' sauce in bulk beforehand....and that doesn't work out too well....the balsamic vinegar separates from the olive oil so it can make your dish much oilier and less balsamic-y than you'd I'd recommend just putting a dash of each in there....turned out way better that way.  Also, we mixed in some shredded rotisserie chicken for the added protein...good call!
Here are the pictures...I stir fried one batch in regular noodles and the other in rice noodles for me : )
the toppings for the saute...yummmmmmmy
the sauce

both kinds of noodles...

stir frying it all together : )

my yummy meal!
So clearly it was a successful week in the kitchen. I am hanging up my proverbial apron and passing along the spatula to Jason for the weekend. We will be out on the boat and grilling it up this weekend. You can find me lounging in the sun with a whiskey ginger if you need me : )

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