Monday, July 30, 2012

Baby Nolan: Newborn Session

Last week I got to meet the adorable Nolan. You may remember I took his mom's maternity pictures about a month ago...and this cutie pie is what was hiding inside!

You wouldn't be able to tell by most of the pictures but he was not into getting his picture taken that day. We did manage to settle him down and snag some pretty adorable pictures though...he had his eyes wide open in some of alert!

As you'll see, Nolan was born a baseball fan so we had some fun with that theme...and then we were able to move on to some other adorable accessories his mom got on Etsy. It was so much fun to try out new props! The only one he hated was the tie and you'll see below.

Hope you enjoy the photos of this cutie pie!

Nolan's cute room!

hated this!

proud parents

LOVE this one!

pondering life

ahhh yes...

i think i'm sad!

ok, he didn't like the lion hat either...

such a cutie!
Thanks for asking me to do pictures Mel and Jeff! : )

Oh and by the is the real post-it picture that we didn't share due to the surprise factor ; )


  1. Love the pictures - you do such a wonderful job, Bri! I am so happy even though he wasn't being photogenic that there were so many amazing pictures! You have a gift lady - thanks again for everything! :-)

  2. I am so glad you like the pictures Mel! : ) He is just adorable!!