Friday, July 20, 2012

Good times

I have had this week off work which has been amazingly awesome. Every time I work a weekend, I get 9 days off kick ass is that?!

I spent all this week planning/making some delicious meals...which I will make a separate post about very soon! I also worked out a ton and started Weight Watchers. I have done it before, and it's the best way for me to watch what I eat. I lost 3lbs in the first week so I can't complain : ) I need to hold myself more accountable so that I can get back to feeling confident and fit in my clothes. It is summer after all. But after just one week of intense working out and watching what I eat, I feel so much stronger already.

On Tuesday, I met up with my old high school friend Angela (who also happens to be my hair stylist). She has Tuesdays off so we met up at Lifetime in Lakeville and took one really hard workout class (thought I was going to die) and then Zumba. I had never done Zumba before...and I am not hip-movement inclined so I looked a tad foolish....but it was still really fun! Definitely felt it in my core! After that, we lounged by the pool and soaked in some sun. It was really nice to catch up with her : )

Last night after enjoying one of the yummy meals...Jas and I went to see Prometheus in theaters. It was good! I wasn't really that excited to see it but I knew Jason really wanted to so I went along for the really was good, and I'm glad we got to see it in the was definitely one of those movies that's super awesome on a big screen. Jason has been working really hard and late at work recently so it was a nice impromptu date night that I wasn't expecting...I loved it and I love him! : )

Tomorrow I finally get to see my friend Katie Kline who I haven't seen in forever it seems. We are going to a boxing class together and then going to lunch : ) It will be fun to hang out for a bit!!

I wanted to catch up on posting some photos from the last couple weeks too...I need to really get on top of things here!

Here goes:

A week ago Sunday, we celebrated Jason's step mom Angela's 50th birthday at Como Park. It was a really nice day...and who can beat Como? It of course holds a special place for me because Jas and I got married in the Conservatory there. Anyhoo, Jason's dad made some yummy bacon wrapped filets and we had some other delish food and good conversation. Here are some photos from that day from my point and shoot camera:
Me and Jas...white skirt ended up being a bad choice

Dan...throwing the baseball like a pro

hmmm...related much?

much better!

me and Angela

Brayden...grrr an owie on his head!

me and Liam

Liam was drawn to the white skirt...unfortunately for the skirt

just chillin'

hey you!

Chris and Liam

all the men! that's a lot of them! we were surely outnumbered!

brothers : )


what a ham
A week ago Monday I drove up to Alexandria. My college roomie Lydia was in town from Portland visiting her parents and I hadn't seen her since our wedding. It's so sad that it's been that long but we are both pretty bad about calling each other so that didn't lend itself to maintaining our friendship very well. Honestly though, it was an amazing time. She's one of those friends that I can be away from for a long time and still get along really well with. We had the best day. We talked, went boating, had drinks, swam, went out for dinner on the lake, had a bonfire, stayed up til 4 am and then had a sleepover. It was truly awesome. I miss her already! She has a hilarious personality and I know I can just be my weird self around her and she doesn't care because she is just as weird! : ) As she said perfectly...''it was good for my soul to hang out again'' true. I am looking into visiting her in Portland this Fall. If our schedules align I am definitely going. I would LOVE that! Here are a few pics from that day...I didn't take many...also on my point and shoot camera:
her parents' backyard...very jealous!

we boated ALL day!

my chauffeur

we tried a variety of flavors of Skinnygirl : ) yum yum

a sunset cruise on Lydia's parents wooden awesome! and me wearing her dad's sweatpants and shirt he borrowed me...thanks Bruce!

Lydia's mom and dad...they rock


: )

so pretty!

night night!
During that day of boating with Lydia I texted Jason and told him I kind of missed boating. This was all the weaponry he needed to convince me to give our boat one last chance. And last weekend, I got an on-call on Saturday night so we took the boat out....and now that it's fixed, it runs like a beaut. So for now, we are going to keep it for awhile and see how it goes : ) Everyone (or thing) deserves a few extra chances right?? Barring any issues (I have knocked on wood), we will be out on it all this coming weekend... : ) Should be great weather too!!

Alright. I think that's all I have to catch up on for now...but wait for a fabulous recipe extravaganza posting very soon....and also early next week...a newborn session!!! I love those babies!!

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