Friday, July 6, 2012

June/July Events : )

I just realized that I've been off work for a week now and I don't even remember what's happened since I've been off. How sad is that?

Last week I started writing (or trying to write) a meaningful post about my job and how heartbreaking and rewarding it has been recently. I just can't seem to get it right yet but when I do I will post it. I have a bit of writers block I guess.

I realize it's been forever since I've written a normal post and I want to make sure I remember the recent I will attempt to recall them : )

I've been acting like it's bitter cold winter week because I have avoided going outside like the plague due to this obnoxious heat. My Floridian husband on the other hand has been savoring it and going golfing and such...what a crazy. My family, not pretty....LOTS of sweat sweating, so I try not to gallivant out in this heat.

2 weekends ago we went to River's Edge Music Fest. We were so excited that St. Paul was having a big event by the river. We have been waiting for 4 years for this to happen! You never know how a brand new festival is going to turn out but it was truly great. We had an awesome time both Saturday and Sunday. We dined on some fair food and drank some wine from a styrofoam obviously it was a good time. Sadly, my little camera's battery charger went missing so we only got a few pictures from the first day that weekend. I still need to find that dang charger...But anyways, we can't wait to see who will be playing next year, we will definitely become regulars. There was some seriously awesome people watching there. Everything from heavy rockers to supreme was very entertaining.
Me and Jasey

my new haircut and color : )

first getting there...

people getting ready to watch Tool

the light show at the end of Tool

Last weekend we went to a baby shower for Jason's law school friends, that was fun. Then we tried a new restaurant and  sat out on their patio and had a delicious dessert...ohh and appetizers too I guess
 : ) Saturday, sadly marked 3 years since my dad passed away. We had a drink in his honor and talked about some memories...that always helps. I can't believe it's been 3 years...time has flown yet it hasn't at the same time. Strange. I still constantly wish he was here so I could tell him what's new and exciting. Miss you dad!

Since I had 11 days in a row off this week I psyched myself up to have a good, productive week... which was partially successful. I cleaned out what is dubbed as my ''getting ready room'' or the extra room in our house that's too small for anything else so I just keep all my crap in there and that's where I do my hair and makeup as well. My clothes often end up piled on the floor....because putting away clean clothes or laundering dirty ones is not one of my top ten favorite things to do. I also had a lot of other random crap in there. I go through everything in there several times a year and I am not afraid to throw things away I don't need but this time I went all out and got rid of a TON of stuff. It looks a lot better and I am even going to take out a shelf in there to make some extra room. I also cleaned the house a bit.

I've hit the gym (or boot camp I should say) 3 days this week which is good! : ) I've also started logging what I am eating which really helps hold me accountable. I want to buy the Nike Fuelband and I also kind of want to try the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. I have to choose one for now because they are both really pricey...but it's always fun to have something new to motivate me! Since my heart rate monitor is dead, I think I might go with the fuelband first. I'm thinking of logging weight loss progress on my blog...but I haven't decided if that is a motivating factor for me or not yet. Sometimes when I make attempted weight loss public, I seem to fail miserably. I will ponder it.

In other news, I have joined the crazed and started reading 50 shades of grey. Holy shit. That's some interesting and kinky stuff. I'm not done with the first book yet but I plan to read more this weekend.

Some other big news...I have decided to switch my grad school major. I have been pondering it for awhile but wasn't sure how I would go about switching to a nurse practitioner program...since my school didn't have one and I had already gotten the core classes done. Low and behold, a few weeks ago my school added a nurse practitioner program, so then I knew it was meant to be. I am just not sure managerial stuff fits with my personality. After doing some shadowing with executives, I enjoyed learning about it, had a great experience, but finally came to the conclusion that bedside care and patient interaction is where it's at for me. So come Fall, I will start on the Family Nurse Practitioner track : ) I am really pumped! Who knows where that road will take me but I'm sure it will work itself out.

Hmm...what else? Jason has to work this weekend so I have decided to go solo and head up to Lake Vermillion to hang out with my aunt, uncle, cousins and family friends. I love going up's so peaceful and serene...and you can't beat a cool dip in the lake : ) I need to do something to get out of this house or I will go crazy.

After the weekend at Vermillion I am going to take a long detour and stop in Alexandria to visit my college roomie Lydia. She moved to Portland and I haven't seen her in WAY too long. She is in town and I am going to hang out with her at her parents lake house all day Monday : ) Can't wait to catch up!

All this talk of lakes and boating and you might be wondering....why not go out on our boat? Well that's a whole other story. Sadly, our prop met a rock for the second time so we had to have our prop replaced. It has been in the shop for almost two weeks and is finally ready to be picked up. We couldn't use it this weekend anyways since Jason has to work so we have come to the conclusion that it's become too stressful and expensive for us to handle at this time in our lives and quite frankly we just don't have enough time to use it. We have something going on every single weekend in August...not going to get much use out of it then. So we are going to sell it and hope someone else can enjoy it as much as we did for the short time we've had it. We definitely love it and will be buying one again someday...but I think we realized that we would rather be spending our money traveling and have quickly discovered how expensive boating really is. It's embarrassing that we got so gung ho about it and went all out and committed to this boat...but how else were we to know? Live and learn. At least we know we love boating....and we will definitely make it part of our lives in the future. So if you know of anyone in the market for a 24' cabin cruiser...let me know! : )

So enough blabbing, I have reading to do. 50 shades of grey is calling my name! Goodnight!

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