Friday, July 13, 2012

Classy girls don't kiss in bars....

Or do they?

It's been awhile since I've gone out and gotten drunk. I did not short myself of those days in college so I don't often feel a need to do so anymore. But of course, once in a while it feels right and I just go for it.

On Saturday night, we went out on a double date to moto-i in uptown for dinner and drinks with my friend Marissa from work and her hubby. We had a really nice time and good conversation. It was the first time we'd gone out with's nice to meet new couples to hang out with that you click with : ) We drank some fancy cucumber infused vodkas ( and I had ginger yummy), some delicious food, and just hung out and chatted. It was fun!
me and Marissa

Since it had been forever since Jas and I had been to uptown we decided while heading to our car to go home that we should just keep walking and go grab a drink somewhere outside instead. It had finally cooled off which made for perfect patio weather and my ginger vodka made me want a ginger we set out in search of a bar. Bars are pretty easy to come by in uptown and soon enough I was sipping on my whiskey ginger and not long after that I was drunk and chatty.

Jason was excited and said I was in ''rare form'' (I guess he likes me drunk ; ) )  so I kept it going...didn't want to disappoint! We talked a lot...well mostly I talked a lot, that's usually how it goes... and we discussed how at the turn of midnight it would be our 5 year date-a-versary. Yes, I know how incredibly stupid that sounds but our first date and what followed soon thereafter is pretty it's worth remembering:

My brother and Jason's brother who have been friends since they were kids had been conspiring to set us up on a date for awhile. I didn't even know my brother's friend had a brother Jason's age so I was skeptical. Who is this mystery man? Turns out he grew up in Florida with his mom so that's why I hadn't heard of him. One night, that summer after I graduated from college, I was getting ready to go out with some girlfriends and my brother handed me the phone..."here, talk to Jason". I was taken by surprise but figured...what the hell, why not. We talked for a little bit and decided to meet up the following week to watch the Twins game at the bar in Chili's (classy from day 1).

The night before our blind date I had a bunch of friends over for a pool party and had WAY too much fun so I wasn't exactly feeling the best the morning I was supposed to meet Jason. I almost cancelled but at the last minute decided just to go and see what happened. I was pleasantly surprised when I got there because he was very cute and very nice and normal. We both ordered buffalo chicken fajitas and both had waters....which was a relief, because I don't think I could look at alcohol at that point. Conversation flowed and we had a nice time. I found out that he was planning to move back to Florida in August. In my mind, this was perfect...I did not want a boyfriend but maybe we could just hang out and have fun til he moved, no pressure...that was all I wanted. Turns out he wasn't looking for anything serious either so he agreed that we should hang out til he left and just have fun. We parted ways. He told me to call him if I was interested in hanging out and that was that.

I left for a trip to Mexico the next day with my high school friend Melissa and we were gone for 10 days. When I got back I pondered whether or not I should text Jason. What did I have to lose? He was a nice guy and after all he wasn't staying so we could just hang out and have fun, nothing to lose. So that Friday, I picked him up, brought him to uptown with me and we met up with some of my college girlfriends for some pre-bar drinking games. I guess I was nervous so I ended up drinking a half bottle of whiskey before we even left for the bar. It was a puke and rally sort of night. And thank goodness I was able to keep on keeping on because we sat at the bar and talked and talked and talked...and eventually kissed and talked some more. I don't remember what we talked about but I remember it was good. He was a nice, normal, sweet guy. They do exist!

After that night, I was sold. We hung out every single day until he was to move to Florida. I didn't think about what was happening or what I was feeling, I just had fun. The day before he was supposed to leave I finally admitted to myself that I liked him...a lot, so I was pretty bummed that he was moving. But what choice did I have?

That night, Jason was at a family gathering so everyone could say goodbye to him before he moved. I was hanging out at home waiting for him to come hang out with me. I was in the basement pondering what I was going to say to him....should we try a long distance relationship? what did he want? what did I want? could this even work?...he came down the stairs and sat next to me on the couch. I asked him how the party was and if it was sad to say goodbye to his family. He looked at me a little funny and said, ''yeah...about that, I don't think I'm going to move". And with that simple statement my life changed forever. I am thankful everyday that he stayed here...I can't ever imagine being more happy than I've been these past 5 years. : )
I think when we went to uptown last weekend...that had been the first time we had gone since that fateful night of talking and kissing in the bar. And here we were, 5 years later. So much has changed and yet we are still so happy, who would've known? We did feel a little old....but that's ok : ) I continued to take down a few more whiskey gingers and we kissed a little and headed home. Together. Married. Happy.

Classy Girls [don't kiss in bars]....a song by The Lumineers was stuck in my head all that night.
I guess I'm not classy....but I'm cool with that.
our first night out in uptown
last weekend : )


  1. Pretty sure that we were at my house that fateful night in uptown! Remember it like it was a week ago. Miss you Bri!

  2. Yes ma'm it was!! : ) It really doesn't seem that long ago. I miss you too!!

  3. Love your story! It's pretty amazing how things change for the better!!

  4. Thanks is pretty amazing!! : ) I agree!