Thursday, July 19, 2012

Katie's 90th Birthday: Event Photo Shoot

On Saturday, I got to photograph a 90th birthday party. It was really fun to be a part of. They had a big, lively family and it was in a gorgeous restaurant location. Enjoy in Apple Valley is a huge place with great party spaces. I was impressed!

Katie, the feisty 90 year old, is the great grandma of Lincoln and may remember them from a previous blog post. It was fun to see their whole family. They obviously have a great time together.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!!

awesome placecards...

checking out the scrapbook

Katie's son and his wife

Katie's daughter and her husband

Katie's other daughter Ruth, and her husband Joe

This is Ruth's (pictured above) mother in law. she asked me if I could take a picture for her obituary because she ''really didn't have any nice pictures of herself for the newspaper"...I was in shock and also laughed and she said I should advertise to seniors about having a nice photo for the paper when they die. Can't say I thought of that one.

some of the cousins chatting


the birthday girl

grandma and her grandkids

the whole group!

the welcome table

sitting down, getting ready for dinner

Katie made a nice speech before dinner : )

let's eat!

It was a lovely party! Thanks for asking me to take pictures!!

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