Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Midnight Musings

For some reason I've been thinking a lot about Peru a lot lately, Cusco in particular. I think it was in my dream the other night and I can not stop thinking about it.

Looking back on our trip now, it just seems like a big dream. Especially Cusco. Being in Cusco felt like living in a different time. Narrow cobblestone streets, people wearing ancient Peruvian was amazing. I think the altitude messed with my head to make it seem dream-like too, but still...!

I would love to go back there someday and stay in Cusco for a while longer as well as the Sacred Valley again. Maybe we can bring our future kids there someday.

We heard from the couple we met on the Galapagos cruise who are from Australia. It was so fun to hear from them,  and they are thinking of stopping by MN for a visit next year which would be awesome. But just hearing from them made me realize we have been back from South America for 5 months already. Time passes too quickly.

We are the midst of hopefully arranging another trip for this coming winter. I don't want to jinx anything since it hasn't been booked yet but we are hopeful that we will be embarking on Jason's dream trip by the end of this year. We are incredibly lucky.

In other news, I finished grading the rest of my papers for my clinical students as well as filling out their evaluations. I won't feel that final weight lifted off my shoulders until I drop the evals off at school tomorrow and drive away. Greatly looking forward to it.

I am already noticing my extra free time. I have more time to plan out meals (which is good because being gluten free requires that), run errands, and get stuff done. Today it was mostly selfish things. I managed to get acupuncture, a massage, and a facial. It was incredibly relaxing. I wish I could afford massages/facials all the time!

For those of you who have thought of trying acupuncture for any reason...don't hesitate. I swear by it! Check out Minnesota Community Acupuncture. It's super affordable compared to most places and the lady I see is really nice. Her name is Kerri. If you tell her I sent you, you get a discount and so do I. If you've even toyed with the idea, just try it! I promise you'll like it!

Now that I actually have time to sit down and write about my music goes.

There have been a few videos I have been wanting to share for awhile but I kept forgetting (or not having time). I know by now that the Civil Wars may be old news...but I think they have gorgeous music. I listened to them constantly in South America....hey maybe that's why I've been listening to them more and dreaming about Cusco! Anyways, check out their album if you haven't. Here's an awesome video I found....
The most interesting thing about this duo is that they aren't a couple. They may just have a good music chemistry but they kinda look like they wanna *you know what* each other....just sayin'. They are two good lookin' people. I'd be jealous of their chemistry if I were their spouses...look how they look at each other!

Ok, enough gossip.

Another great group Jason and I are both really into these days is The Pines. This song in particular I really like...

The Pines album is totally worth picking up if you haven't already. Support local artists : ) They are playing at the MN Zoo this summer (among other places in the cities I've just realized) but unfortunately it's the same day we are going to be at the River's Edge Music Festival in St. Paul. If you like them and are available, concerts at the zoo are always fun when I've been to them!

And last but not least, as many of you know I am an Amos Lee lover. I'd say Amos and Mat Kearney are my favorite musical men at this time (besides Elton of course). I've loved Amos Lee since his first album came out when I was in my sophomore or junior year of college : ) I've seen him in concert many times and he is lovely. Just lovely. (Saw him at the zoo one ten memory of Jason & my time together....perfect amount of drunk, beautiful summer evening...ended with rain....ahhhh).

He came out with this EP after his latest album. It's kind of an extension of his last album and has the same feel but has some really great songs on it. Totally worth checking out.

Eeeeee! I am just excited that I have time to write this blog post right now! I have nothing to do!! YAY!!!! : ) : ) : )

In fact I will post one more video...because I can! I know this song is all over the radio by now but it still makes me smile every time I hear it. So cute. Their album is also awesome and they are coming to Basilica Block Party this year : ) The Lumineers....
*I belong with you, you belong with me. You're my sweetheart*

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. It feels good to write stuff down, listen to music I love, and then sit back and give thanks. It helps keep me focused on what's important and even discover new things about myself and the world around me in the process. Who knew?

I have two night shifts ahead of me this week...and then crossing our fingers that we will be out on our boat for the first time ever this weekend! C'mon nice weather!

I hope everyone has a great hump day!!

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