Saturday, May 19, 2012

Colleen: Fitness Show Photo Shoot

Colleen is a woman I met at my gym when I first started boot camp a little over a year ago. She was the first person to talk with me and encourage me and let me know that my goals were realistic and she gave me tips on what helped her be successful. Around that time, she told me she was thinking about competing in a fitness & figure show. We would always chat at boot camp but after awhile, I didn't see her as often and wondered where she went. Well it turned out she had been training like a crazy person for this fitness show...and when I saw her for the first time in months a few weeks back, she looked totally transformed! She is the epitome of dedication. I don't think I could stick to that strict of a diet for that long and workout that many hours a day, but she decided she wanted to do this and she did it! What an inspiration.

Colleen has also lost nearly 60 lbs in the last few years with the help of her (and now my) trainer Sarah at Success Personal Training in Maplewood. Way to go Colleen!

What was also really awesome was that she and Sarah asked me if I would be interested in taking some pre-show photos and also going to see the show with them and all of Colleen's other supporters. I happily accepted. Capturing all that hard work and strength in photographs was an honor for me.

I had a great time taking the pictures at the workout studio. The show itself was an eye-opening experience. These women work so hard and I had no idea it was such a popular hobby (not sure if hobby is the right word here!) There were tons of people in the audience, big groups of women supporting the women on stage as well as their husbands and families. I managed to grab a few photos at the show that I will share here as well.

Colleen did awesome for her first show and actually won 2nd place in one of her categories. That's a huge deal!

Here are some photos from the day yesterday!
my absolute favorite photo

outfit for her dance routine

those are some insane back muscles!

Sarah pushing Colleen to do her one armed push-ups

Colleen and her trainer Sarah

at the show

strutting her stuff to the judges

way to go Colleen!!

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