Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fun in the FLA

Florida has been great so far. As you may have seen on Facebook, I successfully babysat three kids yesterday with no major issues. I was proud. Especially now that Ruby (the youngest) is mobile, it's harder to keep up with everyone. Luckily the older two play with each other a lot and don't need me to entertain them all the time.

I am taking in all the scenery as I go while I'm here in Florida, wondering how I will do as a parent if/when we have kids. It's really a scary prospect for me right now but I am sure it will be ok when the time comes. But the longer we wait, the more abstract the idea of adding a baby to our lives seems to be. I have worked with kids in almost every job I've had. I know how to do all the basics, but I wonder if I would actually be a good mom. Would I be able to set my selfish ways aside and truly enjoy each moment like it seems my sister-in-law Nikki can do?

Not only is my sister-in-law an awesome person, but she also puts so much love, thought, and heart into raising these girls. She truly wants nothing more than for them to be the happiest healthiest kids possible and will do anything for them to ensure that happens. I admire her a ton and she has set the bar high.

Today, we went to my mother-in-law's house to do some swimming. We played princess mermaids, and I got to be King Triton. I was big into Barbies as a kid so today kind of made me think I could just be a kid again if/when I have a kid right? I had a great time and as we were driving back to Nikki's house I felt like a little kid who played so hard that I could barely keep my eyes open. Good feeling.

Tomorrow we are heading to the springs to get some more sun and swimming in. Ellie gets to ditch school and Justin is ditching work so it should be fun! We only wish Jason could be here hanging out with us too. Then it would be perfect.

I snapped a few pictures the other day when we were outside but I plan to do more on Friday too so stay tuned for those pictures!

Hope everyone is having a great week.


  1. You are too SWEET! You say such nice things....and you will be a pro mama when the time comes- no worries for you my dear- you are GREAT with the kiddos. They super love you! xo!!