Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby, you're The One...

Last week Jason sent me a google invite to my own 'super secret birthday bash'. No internet research was allowed, all I knew was I had to be dressed nice by 5:15pm tonight.

I am not good with secrets or surprises. I usually always find out what they are...(and not always on purpose). When I was a kid I generally knew everything I was getting for Christmas because I was the world's best snoop (or worst...depending on your perspective). No fun, right? Well, this time I committed myself to no internet research and tried my best not to think about it so it didn't drive me crazy.

I worked last I slept during the day which passed the time nicely. When I woke up to get ready, I was instructed to wear something nice. Not formal....but maybe sexy (his words not mine). Haha. I had some gluten free Pei Wei food and some Caribou waiting for me. Great start! After that, we got in the car for what he said was a 2 hour drive. I guessed we were going to Mankato right away. I had deduced that we were going to some kind of show, but I had no idea what kind. I knew that sometimes Mankato had some good concerts, and it was the only place 2 hours away I could think of going for a show. He distracted me with conversation all the way there and fended off all my guesses of whose show we were seeing.  He said, ''you're not going to believe it. it's someone big''. But I couldn't think of who would go to Mankato (no offense) to play in a hockey arena that was all that ''big'' that he knew I liked.

When we got close, he told me to open the glove compartment and there was a birthday card. Inside, the 2 Elton John Tickets shocked me. I screamed. I LOVE Elton John. He was my first favorite (non boy band) artist as a kid/teen. When I was in Jr. High, my mom brought me to see him in concert... it was my first concert ever. I have always wanted to see him again with Jason. We tried to go in Vegas but couldn't get tickets. I was starting to get worried I wouldn't get to see him live again before he retired or something. My worries were put to rest today!

I had no idea he was coming to MN, let alone Mankato. Seems kind of random, but I am not asking questions. So that lent itself to being a huge surprise. Well played Jason and Elton, well played.

We grabbed a drink before the show and headed to the arena. I was so excited, obviously....but wasn't feeling overly emotional or anything. Things quickly changed when Elton walked on stage. People went all crazy balls...screaming and jumping around. It kind of brought tears to my eyes. Jason was so sweet to remember my love for Elton's music, search these tickets out (went to a lot of trouble to get them), and bring me to his show when I knew he had to get up super early for work stuff tomorrow.

Elton sat down and as soon as he started playing, I started crying. He played my favorite song right away. ''The One''. 

It is not uncommon for music to make me cry, especially when it's beautiful. Music is something that is really important to me and effects me in a big way. Also, when lyrics hold meaning in my life...I get emotional. Basically, I cry a lot. Haha. I just felt excited, thankful, and overwhelmed!

And when he sang the words,

"in the instant that you love someone
in the second that the hammer hits
reality runs up your spine
and the pieces finally fit"

the tears didn't stop. I remember listening to this song after I realized Jason was the man I wanted to marry one day...and I felt even more emotional. I know everyone doesn't get the same thing out of music as others, but like I said, to me... it's huge. It can have such a calming and healing power for me.

Ok enough with the sappiness, sorry.

I do have to say one point during the song, I looked at Jason and he had a satisfied look on his face like....''yeah...i'm the master surpriser''....that he is, that he is.

After the initial tears, I enjoyed the concert with dry eyes. It was great. He is a crazy amazing piano player. You know someone is fabulous when they can entertain you with just their voice and a piano for 2 1/2 hours. : )

We had a ton of fun, and some more great conversation on the car ride back. 

Thank you so much Jasey, it was great and I love you so much!

Here are some pictures from tonight...(point and shoot camera)
before hitting the road

''where are we going?''...........''ahh....can't tell ya, sorry"


drinks to start it off right

he said I needed to give a big smile....

isn't he a stud?! : )


so awesome

crocodile rock
It was mega fun.

In the birthday card, he simply wrote...''here's to the year of concerts''...we already have some great shows we are going to this year (making up for our lack of concerts last year)...and this was the perfect one to start off with!