Thursday, February 13, 2014

Living Gluten Free: Cookbooks, Restaurants, & Resources

Now that I covered the basics of my gluten free life and what's in my pantry...I figured it's only appropriate to share where I find all my delicious recipes and where we go when we feel like a night on the town : )

First off let's start with cookbooks and my other recipe sources.


  • Against All Grain: My current favorite cookbook. Although it is based on the Paleo diet which I don't follow, it does have some of the most amazing grain free, dairy free recipes I've tried so far
  • Eat Clean Diet Cookbook: Fabulous clean eating ideas using non-processed foods. Though this is based on a specific diet concept, I use the book mostly for the recipes
  • Plenty: A gorgeous coffee table book with amazing veggie recipes. Nearly everything is gluten free in this book and while I am certainly no vegetarian, it offers super tasty ideas for side dishes or main course meals
  • Wheat Belly Cookbook: This has fabulous gluten free and low glycemic recipe ideas including pizza crusts, breads, etc. It's a nice book to look to if you're trying to step away from buying the pre-packaged gluten free products
  • Make Ahead Paleo: I actually don't even have this cookbook yet but I have heard rave reviews and it's next on my list to buy : )

  • 100 Days of Real Food: This was the blog that initially got me thinking more about giving up processed food. Though this family doesn't restrict gluten or dairy, there are a lot of really great ideas on incorporating real foods into your diets. It's very non-pretentious and, well, real!
  • Against All Grain: Same woman that wrote my currently favorite cookbook, this blog offers amazing paleo recipes...which of course means being gluten and dairy free
  • Deliciously Ella: I just recently came across this blog thanks to my friend Katie, and I'm pretty sure I have already pinned every recipe on her website!
  • Gluten Free Girl and the Chef: This is the blog that first made me realize I might have an issue with gluten. When I read her 'About Me' section, I cried. I felt very similarly and it confirmed that I was not alone. I don't refer to her website as much for recipes, but there are some great ones on there!
I know there are thousands of blogs out there with tons of fabulous recipes but those are my main go-to sites. I also use Pinterest a lot. So feel free to check out my Whole Food Recipes board and my Gluten Free board. I also have several gluten free recipes on this blog, granted many are from several years ago when I used more processed food...they are still great recipes!

  • In Defense of Food: This is the book that made me question all of the processed food I was eating. It's a very important and informative book and I would highly recommend it.
  • Women, Food, and God: A great guide to open you up to mindful eating. I would not consider myself a religious person...more of a spiritual person so don't let the God part freak you out if that's not how you's really more about connecting with your higher power, whatever that is for you.
  • Wheat Belly: Though I don't necessarily agree with every idea in this book, it is another great look at what wheat can do to do the body, and what high glycemic foods in general are doing to your body. It made me rethink how I was incorporating certain carbs into my day. I started noticing a crash with cravings after certain foods. Since changing things around, I rarely have those peaks and valleys anymore.
And last but not least...restaurants! I have to say, since I started to listen to my body more, I find I feel the best when we cook at home. There is really no way to know what kind of oil your food is being cooked in and whether or not they are using butter or frying something in oil shared with gluten products. I used to just say screw it and go out and eat what "should" be gluten free like fries and certain salad dressings...but I quickly learned that the feeling I get after eating those things is not worth it at all. There are a few restaurants we've eaten at where we've had good luck so far. If it's a independent, non-chain restaurant and you order a salad with simple olive oil dressing or the meat with veggies and potatoes, it generally seems to be safe. I always ask about gluten free options when I get there and most places have special menus too.

Restaurants: (around the Twin Cities, MN)
  • Chipotle: I would die without this staple. If I am out running errands or don't have time to cook, the burrito bowl is my savior. I usually order brown rice, fajita veggies, double chicken, corn salsa, and double guacamole. This will last me at least 2 meals with the extra chicken and guac...and it's damn tasty!
  • French Meadow: Great gluten free menu items! Thanks Megan for finally getting my booty there! (Mpls)
  • Ecopolitan: Everything is raw, organic, vegan, and gluten free. They have amazing juices and dessert...I can't wait to go back and try more! (Mpls)
  • Namaste Cafe: Great Indian/Nepalese food with many gluten free options...thanks to Katie for this recommendation and also Ecopolitan (Mpls)
  • PF Changs and Cheesecake Factory: Both chains but both have great gluten free menus (Edina)
  • Good Earth: Great cafe with great gluten free options (Roseville)
  • Dolittle's Woodfire Grill: I'm a sucker for rotisserie chicken...and this place has a gluten free menu as well (Eagan)
  • San Pedro Cafe: Worth the drive to Hudson! Amazing Caribbean food, jerk chicken, mango name it! Most of the menu is gluten free : ) (Hudson, WI)
  • Cafe Levain: Cute little place in south Minneapolis, great food and many gluten free options. We went there with friends a few weeks ago and the chef made me a small plate of cornmeal crusted onion rings since he knew I was gluten was so sweet and they were tasty as heck! (Mpls)
  • Dominos, Pizza Luce, and Davanni's for gluten free pizza. I have also heard great things about Pizzeria Lola and Punch's gluten free crust but haven't been to those places yet.
  • Supatra: Amazing thai food with tons of gluten free dang good! (St. Paul)
  • Brasa: So good! Most everything is gluten free! (St. Paul & Mpls)
  • Happy Gnome: Great patio atmosphere, cider beer, and a gluten free menu! (St. Paul)
  • Moto-i: Great food, another great patio, and a gluten free menu : ) (Mpls)
  • Pei Wei: Good option for chinese food to go, good gluten free menu (Woodbury & more)
  • Buon Giorno: Best salad bar ever. (Mendota Heights)
This is just a small selection of restaurants but it's a great place to start. Here is another resource for other twin cities area restaurants. I will be sure and share other great places to eat as I discover them!   : )

Hope this post was helpful! As always, let me know what questions you have! 

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