Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello Old Friend

This is definitely the longest I have ever gone without writing anything in my blog. Here's what's been happening:

I have been off on a fabulous vacation without cell phones or technology (for the most part) which was just what I needed! I actually dreaded turning my cell phone back on at the end of the week...I really need to unsubscribe to all those daily deals! Haha. We went on the Oasis of the Seas, said to be the largest cruise ship...and man was it large! There was so much to do! From surf simulators, to rock climbing, zip lining on the ship, and tons more...there was never a dull moment, unless we wanted there to be. We had an awesome time. We went with my mom, two aunts, my hubby, brother, and his girlfriend Danielle. It was a very generous gift from my mom...we greatly appreciate it!

On the flight to Miami I sat next to a really nice guy who happened to work at Abbott NW Hospital as a nurse and was going on a mission trip to Haiti. It was so interesting to hear about what he had to bring, what they documents said to prepare him (intense stuff), and what his work background was. I felt like a bit of a bum going on a cruise while he was going to save lives. I have always wanted to do some sort of medical trip...and maybe this will give me the extra push I need to do it someday! I hope it went well for him : )

We spent a day before and after the cruise in Miami which is always fun...extending the vacation is always ok with me. You don't even have to ask...I'm in. We also got lucky and were booked on overbooked flights both going to and from Miami so we chose to get a travel voucher to delay our flight...and actually ended up staying overnight an extra night at the end of the trip. : ) I've always wanted to stay and get a travel voucher but it has never worked out with my travel plans...this time it worked x2. The only bad thing is now I am already dreaming up where we can go next. is addicting!!! But the vouchers have to be used within the year so I guess we don't have a choice! Darn. ; )

Our cruise stopped in Haiti (a private section off the main island...very pretty and lush), Jamaica, and Cozumel. The stops weren't stupendous but they were pretty fun. I think we just loved the boat so much that we didn't feel the need to get off. But we did and had some fun along the way.

I think I ate my body weight in pasta and had enough fruity drinks to last me for awhile it's time for me to lay off the heavy stuff and lighten up my diet again...booo! Never a fun transition. Getting back to boot camp tomorrow will help with that.

There were so many great shows on the boat too. They had a broadway style production of Hairspray which was really great...I couldn't believe we were watching a cruise ship show. They even had an aquatheater with high dives and acrobatics. We decided that someone must have compiled everyone's dream additions to a cruise ship and made it happen on the Oasis. It truly was insane. I would recommend it to anyone. 

I managed to read (mostly) the entire series of the Hunger Games on the ship....I actually am 96% done with the last book and will finish tonight before addicting. I need Jason to read the first book so he can take me to the movie. What am I going to read now?!

We had an older couple sitting at our dinner table from Australia (I feel like we always meet Aussies...they travel a lot!). They were inspirational to me too. They travel a ton...gave Jason and I some more dream travel destination ideas. They also loved to go dancing. The husband said he used to hate dancing (like Jason) until they took lessons and now it's their favorite thing to do together. They said it changed their life. They were so full of energy, pep, and had a very obvious love for life and each other. It's so nice to see that in a couple who have been together so long. I love meeting new people but am sad knowing we will never see them again. When we said goodbye they both told us to enjoy each other, have a fabulous life, and go dancing. I think we shall!! : )

On the ship, we had a balcony room which was one of the best parts. I sat out there, reading, listening to music and watching the sun set most evenings. That, my friend, is my kind of meditation. One afternoon I literally stared at the water listening to my favorite artists and didn't talk or do anything but relax and enjoy for over 2 hours. Jason said he's never seen me go that long without talking....besides sleeping. Haha. Quite possibly true.

This week I go back to work/teaching tomorrow and Wednesday and after that I have 2 weeks off of teaching. So I am going to whoop my butt and have picked up a bunch of extra shifts at work. I'm going to see how many hours I can get into one pay period. Bring it! I am going to work, eat, sleep, and work out. That's it. Haha. Oh...and on my days off, I am going to do some photography sessions!!! Babies and bellies!! : ) Stay tuned.

It's good to be home and back in a routine....sorta. I am just happy that it's going to be so warm this week!!

I will go through the rest of the trip in pictures....I hope you enjoy! P.s. once again...these are all from my point and shoot camera, I am too afraid to lug around my nice camera....or too lazy (on vacations like this that is)
first night in Miami...taking a late night walk on the beach

you would Jason, you would

on the ship...our first drink....Miami vice!

getting ready to go
Aqua show you say?

Oh really??

Oh yes!! This is the back of the ship...

breakfast on our balcony the first morning

part of the insane ship

stocking up

the relaxing day.... : )

first formal night

Jason likes it dirty

Josh and Danielle

Labadee, Haiti

Our ship looks really close but it's actually pretty far away...just that giganto!

: )

those gotta be some strong ass ropes to tie this baby up

one of the elevator lobbies

our view from our lunch table

Jason on the flow rider surf simulator

he was good....

I was terrible

front row seat as we sailed away from Haiti

Johnny Rockets on board the ship! Mmmmm

This is the back of the ship from the 15th deck....

they had touch screens where you could find activities, look at menus, maps, etc. pretty sweet!

a little cloudy in Jamaica the next day, but still nice!

Josh contemplating his boogie boarding moves

Jason reading and drinkin'

The Nanc

Nice work Joshie

Our delicious Jamaican lunch

view from the shuffle board court

playing some shuffleboard

we whooped them

day at sea

they had a candy shop on board

some coffee and relaxation

the youngins

Jason tried lobster : )

at the pub

Josh bustin' a move at the club

sailing in Cozumel the next day

on the catamaran

the beach we stopped floaties!

sailing back to our boat

our boat is on the right

our boat on the left....I just don't know how they park the thing!

they even had a starbucks on board...had to take advantage once!

checking out the telescope (15 stories up)

the rock wall

the back of the ship

our view while waiting in line for the rock wall

Jason rocked it

I did ok...

Jason got this incredibly sexy close up of me too...yeah realllly hot

last night

mmm fruity!

spinach dip


The Rising Tide went up and down 3 stories....

In South fun!

our hotel in Miami

we rented a was so fun! Jason's gonna want a new car now!

drinks before dinner in South Beach

delish guac at the Mexican restaurant we ate at...

Jason being excited in our free hotel room during our free extra night stay!


  1. Enjoyed your pictures and travel log! So nice you got to go with Josh, girlfriend an Mom!! Peggy V.

  2. Thanks Peggy : ) It was a great time!