Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mexico : ) pictures!

I finally had a chance to get my pictures on the computer from Mexico.

Me and 4 other awesome ladies went to Cancun for 5 days/4 nights last week. We stayed at the Riu Caribe resort which  was very nice and better yet it was all inclusive....can't really go wrong when trying to take a reasonable trip.
The ladies I went with were my old nursing friends from 8th floor. They are all 7th floor nurses now and I am on the float team, so it was really fun to hang out with them for an extended period of time. I roomed with Kim, she was so fun to room with. We had a great time.
I tried more margarita flavors than I knew existed. Guava was yummy but my very favorite was mango-strawberry. So good.
We did a lot of laying in the sun (though it rain a bit), relaxing, eating, drinking, and napping. I finally got around to reading The Help which I have been wanting to do forever but hadn't had time to. I really liked it and now cannot wait to see the movie.
While we were there I also had some time quiet...with no cell phone, no computer, no iPad...just me, my book, my thoughts. It was so wonderful. I always find myself taking time to sit by myself, look at the ocean, and be thankful for the fact that I was able to come to such a beautiful place. Being around a body of water really relaxes me and makes me think about life and what I have and all the things that make me so happy. Oceans especially do this to me...but lakes too...which is why I am looking forward to the summer more than ever now!
Here are some pictures from our trip. Erin, Jackie, Lois, and Kim...I had a kick ass time! You are a fun group of gals, that's for sure! I brought my nice camera but never wanted to bring it to the beach in fear it would get wet, sandy, or stolen! So all these pictures are from my point and shoot which I also love   : ) portable on trips!
checking out the resort and getting ready for lunch
Lois and Kim

My first plate of food..carbs galore!

the evil birds who swarmed our table

our beach


Our personal drink our room!
view from our balcony

Margarita bar

this lady did a margarita shaking dance each time she shook the shaker

first night at the Mexican restaurant

We wrote the room number on Lois's hand in case she got lost! Haha

My favorite drink of the whole trip...the mango strawberry margarita
View from my beach chair on day two...

Erin and her coconuts!


Waiting for the rain to pass the next day...went shopping!

The sister Riu resort's beach

Jackie and Lois : )

everyone reading
it was pretty much a red flag everyday...windy and wavy!

Lois, myself and Kim

me and Erin

not all for me...but all delish!

We bought out the guy on the beach selling swimsuit coverups basically!

storms rolling in....

storms won't stop us!

or them...I want this boat someday!

then it was pouring so we went bar hopping around all the bars we could find in the hotel...


pretty much sums it up

clearing up!

last night...

me and Kim

fried ice cream at the asian restaurant

the last night...watching the superbowl in the sports bar of the hotel!
It was a blast ladies, let's do it again next year!!

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