Saturday, January 7, 2012

Insomniac Attack

Clearly I have discovered the downfall to the night shift. Just as I expected would's three AM and I'm two benadryl deep and no such luck in the sleep department.
I knew the actual working of the night shift wouldn't be too hard for me...I love staying up late and sleeping all day. My favorite past time. It's the..'getting back to a normal routine on the days you don't work' that I am struggling with. Some people say...''just make yourself get up''...those people don't know me. Willpower and Bri DePauw aren't always the best of friends. We try but we clash.
We are meeting some of Jason's uncles and aunts for a drunch tomorrow...I had never heard this term before...a drunk lunch or a drunk brunch....sounds intriguing. But 9am is going to come mighty quickly and alcohol is not going to help the deep yearning for a nap that is sure to follow shortly thereafter.
I need to find a routine that works for me....I am sure it will come in time, I need to be patient.
Anyways, I will take advantage of this insomnia to share several snippets I have been meaning to write about at one point or another.
First off, I don't have any pictures from tonight but I did have a great time. Me and some of my St. Ben's girlfriends went to see Keri Noble in concert. She first came to St. Ben's when we were...gosh I don't remember what year we were...but she was amazing, awesome, and has a beautiful voice/music. After she came to St. Ben's we have turned into mini-fantatics of hers and have followed her to a few different random shows...even one she only played 2 songs at. She's so cute and has an adorable style. She always has a different hair color every time I see maybe we are kindred spirits somehow ; ) If you haven't heard her music, you need to! Here's a video of one of her many great songs!!

In other news, I have set some goals for 2012. Some are incredibly random, others not so much. One thing I really want to learn how to do is surf, but I don't think we will be going anywhere this year where I will get the opportunity so I didn't include it....but it's for sure on the list of someday soon goals. These are in no particular order:

1) Photograph a wedding (I have my first full wedding now booked for excited!)
2) Take a community ed class. Every season we get the booklet and I pick all these classes I want to try out...but never sign up. Maybe it's because I don't have time....but this year I will make time!
3) Finish grad school. I have been taking the slow track so I don't have to take out loans, but I am hoping to be done by December...that would be so lovely.
4) Figure out my natural haircolor, keep it that color for at least a few months to see if I like it. I am afraid if I keep dying it it's going to fall out! But this goal is a loose one.
5) Work on writing more of the book I started last summer. I don't need to finish it this year, just make a good dent in it!
6) Learn something totally new...that could go along with goal 2 I suppose...or not at all, who cares!
7) Learn to sew something other than a blanket...and then do it!
8) Delve deeper into meditation, different types, and practice it regularly.
9) Grow my photography business : )
10) Figure out a way to eat generally healthy while also incorporating the occasional junk without making it such a struggle. I am so black and white in this area for some reason...I either eat awesome or eat shitty....let's compromise folks!
11) Get back into a better 'routine' for working out. As we see, I do well with routines and my current schedule has been so sporadic that I haven't had the opportunity to make it into a routine.
12) Learn how to drive our boat, dock, and anchor it with confidence....this is NOT just a man's job.
13) Travel whenever opportunity arises and funds are available : )

There are a few more that are more personal that maybe I will share someday but those are the basics. I think it's do-able don't you?

Another thing I have been having the itch to do is to re-decorate some room of our house. I LOVE doing this. Only problem is it's not the cheapest hobby to have. But I plan on doing that at some point this year and blogging about it. I want to try to do the work all on my own too...that would be a great accomplishment. If you haven't read the Young House Love blog, holy have to. Super cute family who just remodel their house constantly and blog about it, and also talk about their baby. It's so cute, you need to check it out!

Tonight after the concert...Jason said he had a YouTube video I needed to watch but warned me it was very depressing. Now, you may have seen this already and I am behind the times...but if you haven't, you have been's f-ing sad. But somehow comforting and beautiful. I am not sure what I believe in when it comes to religion, etc. I do believe in a higher power...but stories like this make me even more certain. There are two parts....
He died of a heart attack on Christmas day and had posted this just a few days prior. Here is his sister's eulogy. So beautiful. I sobbed.
Now that you are likely crying I better wrap things up. But I do have to say it's things like this that make you pause and appreciate the life you have around you even more than you usually do. I know I am thankful. 

Ok, the benadryl haze is kicking in. I better stop typing because chances are I might not remember what I wrote tomorrow...or later today since it IS tomorrow. Haha.
Happy weekend everyone! Be safe : ) 

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