Monday, October 17, 2011

Moose Poop

I spent the last two days with some sort of stomach flu. Not so fun. But I think I have turned the corner which is a good thing! The whole weekend kind of went a different direction than we had planned...more on that some other time...
Anyways, I'm moving forward with my week hopefully without any puking and am excited that I am moving into the home stretch of my class for this fall. When that's done I can just focus on work, clinical, and planning our less thing on my plate might not be the worst thing ; )
Today I was going through some recipes trying to plan our upcoming meals. I love the fall because we can whip out the crock-pot and make all sorts of cozy things that only seem appropriate in the colder weather. I made a list of all things we want to have in the near future and that list is quite long! Guess I won't have to ponder much of anything before going to the grocery store the next few months! I plan on having lots of recipes to post coming up soon.
Tonight we kept it simple and boring but I did make a little dessert that I may dare to try tomorrow if my tummy allows. I found it in the recipe box my mom made for me. It has cards that my mom, aunt, and grandma filled out with all my favorite things that each of them make. I had totally forgotten about the pretzel bars that my grandma used to make until I looked through the box today. When I was describing them to Jason, he was like...''moose droppings?''...uhhh what? I guess that's what he called them growing up : ) And now that I see them I can kind of see why they could be called that. But regardless of the name they are still delicious and take literally 5 minutes to make. Next time I think I might add some m&m's or protein powder to spice them up a bit. Maybe even use dark chocolate chips to make them a little healthier.
Anyways, here is the recipe!

Moose Poop
  • 2 cups of butter flavored pretzels, broken into peices
  • 1 cup of chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
1. Melt chocolate chips in microwave, mix peanut butter with melted chocolate.
2. Mix in broken pretzel pieces until covered completely with chocolate mixtures.
3. Scoop up mixture in large spoonfuls and lay to cool on wax paper.
4. Enjoy when mixture hardens : )

Now I'm going to work on some homework and watch a movie while my hubby sleeps. I slept in til 1:30pm today which is just plain ridiculous but I guess my body needed it....and now I am wiiiide awake! 
Happy Monday!!

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