Thursday, March 27, 2014


Maybe it's because I just got back from a developing country and I am thoroughly enjoying the simple fact that I can rinse my toothbrush with my sink water vs. with a water bottle. Maybe it's because I had a giant espresso drink and I am incredibly hyper. Maybe it's because I got up at the butt crack of dawn on my own, no alarm, and lived a very productive life before lunch even started. Maybe it's because when I got back to the gym today I found out I had lost nearly 8lbs during vacation (not so sure how that happened). Maybe it's because it was a perfectly cold and RAINY day in March and the snow is melting. Maybe it's because I woke up thinking about one of my favorite singers Mat Kearney and as I walked out of the "weighing" room at my gym "Hey Mama" (his song) happened to be playing celebrating my success...or so it felt. Maybe it's because I finally decided to visit the neighborhood coffee shop I've been meaning to go to for years and had the most delicious gluten and dairy free roasted red pepper tomato soup...(two bowls mind you). Maybe it's because I spent nearly 3 hours there reading a new book for pleasure...that is not a self help book, not a book teaching me how to meditate, not a book full of affirmations....but rather a book of fiction. Maybe because it's a great book. Maybe it's because even the people at the coffee shop who would normally irritate the shit out of me (a grown woman with a lion king mini backpack presumably trying to be ironic, a lady with a ridiculously loud rattling laugh that found something insanely funny every 5-10 seconds, etc, etc.) just made me smile and feel happy for them that they are just being themselves. Maybe it's because this coffee shop brought me extra pride that I live in my neighborhood even though I previously felt a little embarrassed about it. Maybe it's because Mat Kearney's lyrics "the fear inside, the hills we climb, the tears this side of heaven, all these dreams inside of me, I swear we're going to get there" spoke to me for some reason today, making me feel like anything I want to try and pursue (which is usually a ridiculous amount of things) is fine...I just have to get past my fears...and I'll get there. Maybe it's because I meditated today, Maybe it's because my husband is finally feeling better and not scary sick like he was the past few days. Maybe it's because it's my last day before I go back to work.

I don't know what it is exactly, but today is just plain great. And I am thankful.

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