Saturday, December 15, 2012

McCullors Girls : )

As evidenced by my lack of blog posts...I am way behind on posting sessions on the blog. For a brief while I was just posting most of the pictures to Facebook because in order to stay caught up with all my sessions and get everyone their pictures for holiday cards I had to choose not to blog each session. I hope to get caught up and get all those sessions on here because it's fun to be able to look at them on the blog as well : )

I will start with some pictures from my trip to Florida to see my husband's family.

My nieces Ellie, Lula, and Ruby are some of my favorite gals to photograph. They kind of gave me my kick start in the business. Who doesn't love a cute face like theirs! : )

On the day we took pictures this time however, enthusiasm was not in the cards for the older two. Maybe they are getting a little sick of me taking pictures of them every time I visit. So I made a deal with them and said I'd just do a few of each of them and then a few group shots. It worked out just fine. Luckily though, Ruby (the youngest) was a ham and more than willing to indulge me. She's so cute.

This first picture was taken at my mother-in-law's office. It was so cute watching them play ''business''. The rest of the photos were taken at my sister-in-law Nikki's house. Her and her hubby Justin have the most amazing land and it makes for the perfect photography backdrop : )

We had a great trip as usual. Jason got to see some of his best friends, we watched some football, and had some time just to ourselves. It was quite perfect.

Enjoy the pictures!


LOVE this girl : )

Ruby showing me her dance moves

Raise the roof!

such a good little mama ; )

Lula : )

chillin' on the porch swing : )

Sisters : )


how they really feel about each other ; )

At the end of the session, Lula said she would be in one more picture but that she would pick the prop (pink chair) and the location....what a cutie : )

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