Tuesday, December 27, 2011

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The Christmas festivities have come to an end.

This is the first year that I haven't had to work on Christmas since I started working as a nurse. It was strange to have to actually plan out our day and how it would go for me and Jason...together! Usually, he goes with his family and then meets up with me at my family's once I get off work. This year was proof of true marriage compromise in action. It was hard to not do the thing I was used to doing every year and instead go for Jason's family tradition. There's something sad about changing something like that...I've been doing it since I was born. We stopped by my aunt's house shortly but spent most of the day with his family. I was a little worried it wouldn't be as fun as my yearly tradition, but we had a great time, awesome time really. We played tons of games, ate a great meal, and had a few too many cocktails...pretty much the same as we would have done with my family. It was great. Plus, now Jason's family knows I do exist and I am not actually trying to ditch them every Christmas but rather this was my first real opportunity. I am not sure how we will do things in the future, especially once we have kids but we will just take it one year at a time.

It was kind of a strange year this year in terms of the holidays. Maybe it's the warm weather, maybe it's the fact that we were on our trip until close to Christmas, maybe it's because we didn't put up a tree this year...but it really didn't feel as Christmas-y as it usually does. Was this anyone else's experience? I don't know what it was but it was kind of sad, made me feel kind of old and scrooge-esque. I wasn't crabby or anti-celebration by any means, I just didn't feel the same as I usually do. Jason agreed. Hmm...well, barring any incredible trips or unforeseen circumstances, we plan on decking our house out with our boxes of decorations that sat untouched this year...next year. That may help!  

I worked my first string of night shifts (3 12 hour shifts in a row) last week and they actually went pretty well. I was pretty alert most of the time and really only lost my sanity at the end of my last night...got pretty sleepy. But soon recovered when I was back, cozy in my bed. There truly is something to be said for driving home, towards your comfy bed when you know everyone else is up driving to work still trying to warm up and wake up. There have been a few nights since then (like last night...)where I have been awake til much later in the night than I wanted, but that's nothing really new for me anyways. Tomorrow I start it up again with two more night shifts. That should be a breeze in comparison.

This coming up weekend I have a long 5 day weekend off work...and it's New Years! Most of you know Jason and I got married on New Years Eve 2 years ago. I can't believe we have been married for almost two years already...it's flown by! We haven't solidified our plans yet, but I am sure it will be fun regardless of what we do : ). Last year we spent it in San Francisco, and that was amazing. This year we are for sure going out for dinner on Friday...by choice, it's less crazy that night at nice restaurants...and then who knows what.

On Friday, I get to take pictures of baby Renier! Avery arrived last week after our early week maternity shoot with her momma last Monday (just in time I guess!) Avery looks beautiful and I cannot wait to meet her and capture all of her adorable-ness! Very excited!

Well, writing this post successfully kept me up for another half hour or so...I am trying to stay up late so I can sleep late. We will see how long I can make it. I DVR'd a movie I want to see and I have a book to finish...both of which may make me conk out immediately. We shall see. I miss going to bed with Jason but I am sure he is thoroughly enjoying spreading out in our bed until I shove him over in a few hours. : )

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Stay tuned for pictures of baby Avery later this week/weekend!

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